Violaine Bergoin

Violaine is a French Indo-Vietnamese chef, based in Paris. Born in
Lyon, South of France, she left her country at 12 to live in Ireland, then
Portugal. At 18, she began studying Fine Arts in Bristol, U.K. At 25, she
became a vegetarian after a trip in India. Couple of years later, eating very poorly then (fake meat, badly combined meals) she finally made a connection with her body by eating Raw and started a yoga teacher training course. Living in the north of England then, she started putting on Raw Food nights under the name of « Raw Yorkshire ». A year later, she was asked to move to Paris, to work as a head chef in the first 100% Raw Vegan restaurant to open in Paris (42 degrés).

She then became obsessed with French pâtisseries, seeing them as
works of art. For Violaine, going to a cake shop, is like going to a museum, she thoroughly follows every single important French Chef Pâtissier around her. They are her solely source of inspiration. Her goal has been to raw-veganize every cake she sees and allow everyone to indulge in beautiful cakes, that are heathy, energizing and generally good for you. Her sensitivity gratitude and passion towards raw food is limitless as it basically saved her life. Since then, she tries her very best to push Raw Food’s limits by experimenting with textures, colours and taste combinations.

Four years after having worked for different vegan restaurants and catering services (Detox Delight, Betty Nu Food, 42 degrés
and Sol Semilla), she is opening her own cake shop in central Paris, this Fall 2017.

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Watch her Raw Cupcake Recipe Tutorial on Youtube filmed by Be Simple HERE