Victoria Leith

Hello! I am Victoria Leith and I have been making raw or what I like to call ‘un-baked’ cakes and treats for my friends over the past four years. Recently I finally decided to turn my passion into a small business and thus Caramelia Cakery was born! If you’d like to see some delicious visions of indulgent raw beauty, do come and visit my cakery to see what you think!

I am a teacher by profession and have combined these skills with my love for making cakes and now also run regular workshops and cake demonstrations. I am inspired by many things in life but nothing so much as my beautiful daughter who loves my cakes, especially The Cake of Wonderment and a cake I made in her name — Maya’s Cherry Berry Cake which is a fudgey cashew delight with cherries, strawberries, vanilla and purple corn! I am also a singer/songwriter and am writing and recording an album of music — which has not much to do with cake but I can’t live a single day without music so it all fits in!Come and visit me on Facebook and Twitter where I share information about my cakes and also run a support group called Mother of a Feast which I update daily. Here’s what I am up to — I look forward to connecting with you!