The Raw Food Sisters

We are two sisters, Julie and Katrin, also known as The Raw Food Sisters.

We are sharing delicious raw food recipes, health tips, spirituality, travels etc. along the way. A whole new world has opened to us after our lifestyle change with enhanced well-being, feeling more energetic than ever and now living a life where we are thriving. The greatest part is that our minds feel so much clearer and the feeling of connectedness to everything that is. In the end we are all one. Our passion in life is to spread love across borders.

We are originally from Sweden but are currently living in our suitcases exploring the beauty in the world at different locations. Our next destination is Ghana where we are going to start a community development project as a step to take farmers out of poverty and produce our own sundried mango. We have both lived in several countries like bella Italia, the Netherlands and Germany plus our travels which have given us the opportunity to explore various kitchens. With this came our passion for food, its preparations and not to mention the social part of it.

Being raw vegans have put our creativity to the test. We love to experiment in the kitchen which also is something we want to share with you. Raw food is fun and best of all it contains somuch love!