Taline Gabrielian

A passionate, determined, and grateful mother of two who thinks food, family, and style is everything.

Food has always played a lead role in Taline’s life. Being of Armenian heritage, cooking and experiments with different styles of food was commonplace in her home growing up. Her fondest memories are of her mother creating beautifully presented dishes and gathering friends and family together over delicious food. Needless to say, she’s always preferred home–cooked food. Her school lunch box was often filled with last–nights leftovers.

Despite having a pretty clean diet as a young adult, during her pregnancy with her second child, Taline discovered a list of various food intolerances and was forced to make dietary changes and look at nutrition in a different light. Questions of what she could actually eat, especially in the sweets department, were brought to light. Through much investigation and research she decided to adopt an organic diet and became very mindful about where she was sourcing her food. She began to feel better than ever, but was missing that sweet tooth fix. This was the fuel for the creation of Hippie Lane

After experimenting in the kitchen she developed a complete obsession with vegan, plant based, and raw sweets. “It’s all about conscious eating in our home. I feel that it’s my responsibility to nourish my children so that they have every opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential. I try to make it fun, and luckily my kids are all for it.”

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