Strawberry Ice Cream

By Chef: Hannah Mendenhall
Posted: May 10, 2012


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You can’t go wrong with the 3 simple ingredients of strawberries, coconut and raw organic honey. This frozen treat is a rich, creamy delight! Just be prepared to loose the desire to eat anything else once you try a bite. It is that good! The coconut in this recipe comes from canned coconut milk. You could potentially make your own raw coconut cream and use that. If you do this option make sure the coconut milk is extremely thick and concentrated for the richest flavor and texture.


  • 2 c coconut milk fat
  • 6 oz frozen strawberries (about 1 1/2 c)
  • 1/3 c honey


1. In a blender, blend all ingredients until smooth.

2. Pour ice cream base into ice cube trays and freeze completely.

3. Once the cubes are frozen, place up to one tray’s worth into a food processor (or a high speed blender with a plunger). Process until creamy, serve, and eat with a small spoon (it’s more fun that way).


[Coconut milk from a can is not necessarily 100% raw, but is still high in nutrition. It is one, of a handful, of foods I eat that are not raw. When I say coconut milk fat, I mean only the fat off the top of the can. As usual, I only use organic.]