Raw Coconut Samosas

By Chef: Lauren Glucina
Posted:  May 16, 2016 


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Healthy samosas. No pastry, no deep frying! These are made with pure, raw coconut flesh, cleverly blended to a smooth paste and evenly dried into a pliable wrapper. There are so many cool things you can do with these wrappers – you can even dye them naturally with a tablespoon of fresh spinach, carrot or beet juice. If you were to make sandwich wraps with them, you could also sprinkle a few fennel seeds and fresh herbs over the top before dehydrating. Serve them up with raw cauliflower “rice”, salad with a yummy sauce, or even raw veggie burger or falafel patties. Enjoy!


  • 800g coconut meat/flesh (about 4 coconuts)


  1. Crack your fresh coconuts and drain the liquid out, set aside.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop the flesh out, placing it in a sieve.
  3. Pick the coconut flesh over, removing any debris, then rinse well.
  4. Add to a blender and blend till smooth, adding reserved coconut water as you go if the coconut meat was a bit hard. The mixture should end up just a little firmer than yoghurt in texture.
  5. Scoop two cups’ worth of the mixture over a dehydrator tray lined with a teflex sheet. Use a spatula to spread the coconut evenly and smoothly – be careful not to spread too thin, otherwise it will crumble and tear as some of the water eventually evaporates off. Repeat with a second tray.
  6. Place in dehydrator and dry for 6-7 hours at 115˚F. At this point, you’ll want to carefully flip them over to dry the underside.
  7. Once flipped, dry for another couple of hours max – the trick is to pull them out when they are still a little supple/pliable and not completely dried, otherwise they’ll crack when you go to fold them.
  8. Remove from dehydrator and cut into strips (four strips per tray, 8 in total).


NOTES: Reserve the liquid coconut water from one or two of your freshly cracked coconuts. If the flesh inside is particularly hard, you will be needing to add water to facilitate the blending.