Jenny Mustard

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Diana Stobo lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. She is a classically trained Cornell culinary artist and raw food advocate who healed herself through food. She teaches the raw food lifestyle in classes, retreats and live presentations on local television and in Whole Foods Markets. An inspirational and motivational speaker, Diana changes lives with her delicious and fully accessible recipes that make maintaining the raw lifestyle easy and fun to incorporate.Diana shares her own story of illness and her “moment of truth” when at 247 pounds with twins, she was so sick and tired she no longer recognized herself. 

Elena Alarie

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Elli Dragoi is a holistic nutritionist in the making with a passion for sharing nourishing wholesome recipes. She is the founder of Garden Heart blog, a holistic destination that hopes to inspire others to make small and meaningful changes in their lives.Find Elli on social media!


Elena Kulakovska

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Elena Kulakovska is a lifestyle coach for top performance through private and corporate wellness sessions. She is passionate about helping people reach better balance and next level of proficiency in life through a holistic approach. In her VIP retreats, clients get to spend a day with her and learn how to achieve more balance in life. Even if you are at the top of your game — in health, sports or in business — there is always the next level of proficiency, and having the right tools and strategies can help you get there. If increased energy, improved productivity, greater enthusiasm, and optimal health appeal to you, contact Elena for a free initial consultation on her website KUL Healthy You

Elenore Earthsprout

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Here I wish to share with You all remarkable food, filled with life and nutrition you can create with what the earth provides.My work as both a gardener and with natural nutrition gives me that extra dimension that we seek for in a society filled with information on how to live and eat. I am always on the edge, working with ideas and information to give You the very latest of knowledge in the world of holistic health.I use a plant base as color for my paintings on the plate. This is a result of me caring for You, Mother Earth and Our well being. Organic, harvested a few feet away and prepared with lots of love of course!

Elise Museles

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Elise Museles is an attorney turned Certified Eating Psychology & Nutrition Expert. She helps women stuck in a motivation-to-frustration cycle adopt a more joyful & positive approach to nourishment that starts with the food on the plate, but ultimately extends to all areas of life.Through her insightful blog posts at Kale & Chocolate and innovative programs, she’s here to show you how to heal your relationship with food & body — by creating a happy, whole and healthy Food Story.A few of her favorite things? Cooking beautiful food with all the guys in her family, romping in the woods alongside her way-too-adorable Golden Retrievers, or turning upside down on her yoga mat.Enter a delicious world full of freedom, ease, and fun at Kale and Chocolate

Ella Leché

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Ella Leché is the creator of the popular food blog Pure Ella and cookbook author of ‘Cut the Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough’.

Ella healed herself from a medically incurable autoimmune illness with food as she embraced a much healthier plant-based, wheat and gluten-free and refined sugar free diet which has sparked a passionate mission for Ella to help others to live healthier and happier.

Pure Ella has been a finalist in Saveur Magazine’s Best Family Cooking Blog and Ella’s recipes have been featured in Vegetarian Living and Go Gluten Free Magazines among other numerous media.
She lives the pure life in the Toronto area, Canada, with her husband and two daughters. Visit PureElla.com for more healthy recipes and follow on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter for health and happiness inspiration.