Chef Tina Jo

9 recipes

Chef Tina Jo began her raw vegan journey back in 1999 when a friend suggested a vegan detox program to help alleviate debilitating ovarian and uterine cysts. Having reached a dead end with conventional western medicine and desperate to find relief, Tina Jo attended her first detoxification program through Karyn Calabrese at Karyn’s in Chicago, Illinois. That was the first step to a life changing experience.
«I’d tried everything — that is, every western drug and test available to womankind. It never occurred to me it could be my diet causing such havoc in my body!
«Tina Jo was so amazed at how good she felt after that first detox that she decided a raw diet was definitely worth pursuing. 

Chelsea Rochili

2 recipes

My name is Chelsea, (but I’m better known as @Healthiecook on Instagram)! I’m a 14 year old girl who lives in the sunny city -Jakarta, Indonesia! My passion is to share how we can make healthy, plant-based food that is not only good for the body, but also DELICIOUS! I started my journey when I was 12, making healthier choices in life everyday. I have never felt better my entire life since I take good care of myself and eat healthy, nourishing foods! That’s why I’d love to share my favourite recipes and encourage people to live a healthier, happy life!

Chris Anca

68 recipes

My name is Chris. My home, my lemon tree and my kitchen are in Perth, Western Australia. I love the outdoors, mountains and snow, dogs and cats, farmers markets and cooking. I use fresh, seasonal, local and organic produce and I enjoy making most things from scratch. This includes growing my own herbs, making my own spice mixes, preserving fruits and veggies and even making my own bread!
I write at TalesofaKitchen.com, a blog dedicated to celebrating the pleasure that real wholesome food brings to our lives.

Christian Bates

12 recipes

Christian Bates is a Superfood Eco Lifestyle expert and Raw Gourmet chef-formulator-herbalist.
“I love showing people in detail how to add in my leading edge superfood superhero lifestyle practices and then on top of that delivering to people projects like the WildBar.” -Christian For eight years – his entire adult life – he has been studying, living and teaching only the leading edge raw and superfood health practices. He has never accepted “last year’s” methods. He has always known that there is always a next step up in health practices and health results, and that there is always a solution if one’s health is in trouble.

Christina Ross

33 recipes

Christina Ross is a dynamic chef, educator, columnist and blogger who loves to have her hands in all areas of healthy eating and healthy living. She has made it her mission to spread happiness and health to the masses and does so through her raw vegan food company PatisseRaw, blog Love-Fed.com, column in Natural Child World Magazine and classes taught privately and publicly at Whole Foods Markets. Christina is currently in the works of publishing her first cookbook and in the meantime she has shared some of her energizing, creative and fun recipes and wisdom with us.

Christine Roseberry

15 recipes

Christine Roseberry is the creator of Just Glowing with Health, a blog where she shares her passion for raw foods, healthy living, and her personal journey of healing fibromyalgia naturally. She began her raw food journey back in 2011 in a desperate search to take control of her health, after having suffered with fibromyalgia for over 15 years. Christine is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Registered Nurse. She is passionate about sharing the raw food lifestyle with the world and teaching individuals how to ignite their GLOW and reclaim their health! It is her desire to share with you how simple, easy and delicious the raw food lifestyle can be.