Carla Aguas

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Guten Tag, I am Carla Aguas, the creator behind the Bee’s Knees Kitchen, the raw food blog aimed at discovering healthy, simple recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and hungry belly!
The Bee’s Knees Kitchen is a blog I started in February 2010 to chronicle my adventure into the raw food world.  My objective was to find healthy meals and desserts that use the same basic ingredients and were easy to prepare.
Please enjoy my blog, create, comment and share a more nutritious way of eating that doesn’t sacrifice the flavor or beauty of what food should always be!

Caroline Fibæk

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Carolines Fibæk has been a raw food enthusiast for almost 10 years and was involved in the first raw food restaurant in Denmark, 42Raw, as a nutrition consultant. Caroline has always had a sweet tooth and that is what led her to raw food in the beginning; the possibility of making healthy and delicious raw snacks and cakes.
She is the author of several books about raw snacks and cakes, healthy lifestyle and hormones in Denmark – two of them have been published in English: Raw Cakes and Raw Snacks.
Find more of Caroline’s recipes on http://carolinefibaek.eu/

Callie England

69 recipes

My degree may be in art, but my heart is 100% in health. I have a passion for nutrition and helping others live better and more fulfilling lives via healthy food. I want the world to know you don’t have to give up the things you love in order to go raw! Eating raw foods doesn’t mean you instantly become a hippie and stop shaving — No way! If anything, eating raw foods, makes you even more beautiful — inside and out.

Chad Sarno

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Chad travelled the world, seeking the counsel of those whose work reminded people of both the implicit benefits of hand-crafting foods and the virtues of “walking the earth lightly”. Whether in the American desert or the Philippine jungle, he studied traditional ingredients and customs, and began bringing them together in newly healthful and delicious ways.
With vegan cuisine generally, and living foods specifically, Chad experienced how locally sourced plant-based foods — the staple diet of many cultures — provided him a level of vitality, energy, and serenity rarely seen in the traditional West.

Charmaine San Pedro

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Aloha, I’m Charmaine San Pedro! I’m an international model, wellness enthusiast and a goofy cat wrangler. I’ve been on this amazing quest for optimal health and always striving to learn more about the food I eat with the correlation it has with my entire being. I’m a «conscious eater» and a devoted foodie. I try to maintain a balanced natural, or what I like to call a «nature approved», lifestyle as much as possible by choosing to avoid preservatives, additives, harmful chemicals, sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and of course meat. My blog, Not Another Model Blog, is a little space I wanted to provide for family, friends and colleagues (and you!) to visit for nourishing plant based inspiration, delicious vegan/gf/sf dishes, favourite nutritious products and personal advice about overall health.

Chef BeLive

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Brian James Lucas aka Chef BeLive was executive chef and co-owner of Organica: the Living Cuisine, which was located in San Francisco. Organica was unique in that it was one of the first gourmet raw living restaurants in the world and was 100% Raw, 100% Vegan and 100% Organic-Wild or Biodynamic. The restaurant was definitely ahead of it’s time. Brian is one of the pioneers of the 90’s gourmet raw living cuisine movement. He has also made food for celebrities, politicians and athletes. You can buy a copy of Orgasm of the Taste Buds, a teaser version of his complete 1st book which will be released in the future. It has 30 recipes from his upcoming book inside. You can obtain it HERE.