Anarki Indigo

8 recipes

I am 25 years old, from the Netherlands and decided to try going raw vegan for a month to cleanse my system. After this cleanse I still will incorporate a lot of raw foods in my lifestyle because health is something i’m passionate about. Besides that I am a yogi who is planning to start his first teacher training this year and loves to create cruelty free recipes. My goal is to spread love and I dream of a world where animals are viewed as equals and will no longer be used as products! Apart from all of this I don’t take life to serious and love to live in the moment. Find Anarki’s work at The Indigo Kitchen

Andrew Davis

4 recipes

Andrew Davis is the HCIC (Head Chef in Charge) at Millennial-Kitchen. Passionate about inspiring a healthy change for his generation, Andrew started the #MillennialKitchen movement – a food evolution revolution from fast, unhealthy food to a whole-food, plant-based, healthy diet. It’s time to show the world what real food is made of! This is not his movement, it’s OUR movement. Join the revolution. #MillennialKitchen

Andrew Olson

5 recipes

Food also has tremendous power to do good in our lives. When we make the simple choice to eat real ingredients, food works to support our health rather than destroy it. The natural compounds in whole foods strengthen our blood vessels, zap damaging free radicals, brighten our moods, and give us energy that lasts all day. Real food has real power, and the fact that these ingredients are the freshest and most delicious substances on the planet makes it seem all the more absurd that we would ever choose to eat anything else.

Find more of Andrew on his website One Ingredient Chef

Ani Phyo

13 recipes

Ani Phyo is the author of “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen”, and is the founder of SmartMonkey Foods, LCC. Watch her free uncooking videos at www.AniPhyo.com.She’s on a mission to show you it’s easy to enjoy delicious, nutritious cuisine that’s healthy and supports green lifestyles. Her green living uncookbook is the first of it’s kind, offering tips for natural skin care, composting, recycling, reuse, and more.
Partial client list includes: Adidas, STOMP, Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts, In Defense of Animals, Whole Foods Markets, Salud Cooking Schools, Carnival Cruise Lines, SuperSet Tennis Tournament.

Ariane Resnick

2 recipes

Best known for her brand of snack foods, Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine, and its quick sprint from a girl’s idea to Whole Foods across the West Coast, Ariane Resnick is a chef on a mission: to craft food that tastes so incredible, no one knows it’s healthy.
Chef Ariane’s culinary career began an age 19, when her propensity for creating delicious chocolate cake out of garbanzo beans landed her the job as chef de cuisine of a vegetarian cafe. 
RnR, while under Ariane’s operation, was featured everywhere from Whole Life Times to AOL Health, and was a favorite of celebrities including Giuliana Ransic, who highlighted the brand on her website, FabFitFun.com.

Ann Oliverio

9 recipes

Plant-fueled since 2011, Annie writes, runs, and cooks in the heart of Cattle Country. An enthusiastic “home chef,” Annie started her blog, An Unrefined Vegan, to share her passion for creating cruelty-free,  unprocessed, whole foods that are delicious, healthful, and simple to prepare.  It’s all about nurturing body, brain, and conscience.
Through her project, Virtual Vegan Potluck, she invites both vegan and non-vegan bloggers to share a twice-yearly online potluck, demonstrating how food can bring people together.