Tess Masters

10 recipes

I am an Australian actor, presenter, voice over artist, cook, writer, and green maven living in Los Angeles, CA. My alter-ego, The Blender Girl writes a quirky vegetarian recipe blog called Healthy Blender Recipes, where I share super quick and easy gluten free vegetarian, vegan, and raw recipes.

The Raw Food Sisters

4 recipes

We are two sisters, Julie and Katrin, also known as The Raw Food Sisters. We are sharing delicious raw food recipes, health tips, spirituality, travels etc. along the way. A whole new world has opened to us after our lifestyle change with enhanced well-being, feeling more energetic than ever and now living a life where we are thriving.

Tina Leigh

5 recipes

Tina Leigh has a thriving passion for crafting inventive and nourishing cuisine, therapeutic libations, and for educating the consumer about optimum wellbeing. Having committed fifteen plus years to food and wellness study and experience, she has been exposed to a variety of projects, and brands with whom she has collaborated.Sports Medicine as a personal trainer.

Todd and Courtney

2 recipes

Hey wonderful people!! We are Courtney and Todd, two fun loving raw vegans from Perth, Western Australia.

We are both extremely passionate about healing ourselves and others with raw, vegan, living foods.

Tonya Cole Lightfoot

9 recipes

Tonya Cole Lightfoot is a certified raw food chef and teacher. Her training consists of teaching classes in New York City, Calgary, Washington DC, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas under Naturopathic Doctor Ritamarie Loscalzo, creator of fresh n’ fun living and in Maine under Alissa Cohen.

Ulyana Michailov

19 recipes

My name is Ulyana Michailov and I am a naturopath and acupuncturist with a clinic based in South Australia. This blog is a unique blend of my passion for NATURAL botanical health; my endeavours in the kitchen, the plant kingdom and all things creative and fun.