Paige Brummett

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Paige Brummett is a 22 year old Raw Food Chef and Educator based out of Chicago, IL. Paige has always loved being in the kitchen, making food for her family and friends. She mainly just focused on how foods tasted until her senior year in high school when she got diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Paige had to become very conscious of the food she was putting in her body.

Paige Gregortokes

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Paige Gregor came on board as VP for New York’s first plant-based blended beverages, LuliTonix, in January of 2013 after shifting gears from a career in the independent film industry. Having always had a deep passion for creating superfood smoothies and innovative raw food recipes at​ home, Paige has since immersed herself wholeheartedly into the wellness industry as a self-trained chef, recipe developer, and small-business entrepreneur with a specific focus on nourishment through food and the balancing-act of self-care.

Paula Ansell

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Life for me, is about good wholesome and nutritious food. Looking after yourself and being kind to others.

Food is nourishment, it needs to be living, and fresh. I see food and I think life and I also think YUM. Food is my favourite thing in the whole world and I love to make delicious treats. Where there is Passion, there is success and I believe my passion lies in my food.

I’m born and raised Australian, I moved to Canada when I was 19 and have always returned here no matter how far I have strayed. Now I call a little place called Powell River home. I own a Gluten Free, Dairy free, Refined Sugar free, Raw, Vegan treats and desserts business. This is my bliss and it truly makes me happy. If you try some of my recipes please show me I would love to see my work re-created.


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Petra is a Parisienne originally coming from Bohemia. She worked for many years in the fashion industry and traveled all over the World, she had a chance to taste amazing vegetarian dishes coming from different cultures that truly inspired her. After the birth of her children, she became a recipe developer and founder of a food blog called Oh My Delish with healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes. All of her recipes are based on organic ingredients, good fats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. She became a vegetarian at the age of eighteen, strongly influenced by her new age educations. Petra has always been passionate about healthy living and eating. She wants her recipes to be simple, pure and as easy as possible. Her favorite quote is «let food be your medicine and medicine be your food» from Hippocrates. She loves to take photos and has recently worked on recipes for several magazines in Paris and Prague.

Pixie Turner

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Pixie is a plantbased food blogger, wellness rebel, and nutritionist in training with a serious case of wanderlust and a passion for evidence-based science. She has been featured on Grazia fr, ASOS online, and the Huffington Post,and regularly organizes events in London. She is currently completing her MSc in Nutrition in London.

Visit Pixie at Plantbased Pixie

Priscilla Soler

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My name is Priscilla and I’m half Mexican and half Canadian. I live in Montreal where I go to college. My vegan path started  3 years ago, after suffering of an eating disorder.

I believe God has healed me and my life changed completely. By changing my eating habits and appreciating not just myself but everything around me, I finally saw how beautiful, unique and special life is.

After 2 years of following a raw vegan lifestyle, I read the China Study AND tHE 80/10/10 diet and started eating a low fat mostly raw diet. It’s been a year and I never felt better! I have so much energy and the benefits are beyond.