Nadia Petrova

9 recipes

My philosophy about life is that we are in control and we can change things. We can change the way we eat, feel, experience, live. We decide what is best for us. Every single minute we are making a choice to be healthy or eat junk, to stress out or calm down, to exercise or watch TV, to live in style or be content with what you have, to be balanced… or not. It is simple. And it is up to you.

Natalia KW

42 recipes

My passion is facilitating profound transformations through a unique blend of shamanic energy medicine and pure healing foods. Working at the levels of both the physical and energetic, my purpose is to guide you towards thriving health and unwavering happiness.

The foundation of my culinary work is conscious nourishment—inspiring you to cultivate awareness of the foods that truly serve your well-being. With this essential awareness, you can make your highest foods choices. I advocate a pure, organic, plant based diet, high in living foods. A pure diet cleanses us in body, mind & spirit. It is these foods that bring us to new levels of vitality and radiance while activating our intuition and spiritual connection.

Natalia Vanthienen

4 recipes

Passionate about natural ingredients, Natalia shares on her blog her hobby for healthy cosmetics and her admiration for raw food. Her 2 children are her daily inspiration in the kitchen and together they like to experiment different recipes and to try to find healthy equivalent to un-healthy bought desserts. She focuses on a healthy education, being convinced that a good health starts in the kitchen, between cooking and un-cooking natural products. Delicious, full of flavours, so good and healthy for you, her dessert recipes are a good way to make your kids start loving natural food.

Nicole Axworthy

15 recipes

Nicole is a Canadian writer, editor and recipe creator. She loves animals too much to eat them, and she has discovered that teaching others through food is an effective vegan outreach tool. Nicole develops wholesome, all natural, vegan and raw dessert recipes to inspire others to think differently about what they eat. In 2010, she completed the Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. Outside of her kitchen, Nicole works full-time as a magazine associate editor.

Nikki Stokes

12 recipes

I’m a mother, a scientist, a business owner and so much more. In my «spare» time I love experimenting with raw, vegan, whole foods. My passion is to create delicious, simple and fun raw food dishes that my whole family loves.

I started playing with raw food in 2011, as a way to help lower my husband’s cholesterol naturally. It worked. His cholesterol levels are now completely normal. And along the way, we both lost a lot of weight, and discovered ways to eat so much more magnificently than we ever did before. I strongly believe in the power of nutrient-dense, plant-based foods to create amazing health and vitality. My passion is to create delicious, simple and fun raw food dishes that my whole family loves. And my aim is to see just how much raw vegan food I can get my family to eat!

Ooh La Raw

19 recipes

OH LA RAW was created in 2010 with a mission: Providing a healthy alternative. Natural, guilt-free treats that doesn’t taste like «health food.» We believe in living clean & pure, beginning with consuming clean, pure foods. OOH LA RAW is dedicated to providing food that is pure, clean, and just plain tasty.