Marlie Centawer

8 recipes

A living foods chef, certified Hatha yoga instructor, and health writer, Marlie Centawer is passionate about sharing the creative potentials of holistic plant-based cuisine through education. Marlie teaches cooking classes and regularly gives lectures and demonstrations on living foods. Her particular interests include the relationship between yoga and living foods for holistic wellness, and she is passionate about preparing raw vegan desserts, chocolates, elixirs, and smoothies.

Marquis Matson

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My name is Marquis. I’m a 20-something young professional making my way up in this world. I’m mostly silly, extremely ambitious, and a Scorpio, which means I’m incredibly passionate about everything. I am in love with the raw food movement but I’m the first to say that I do not eat 100% raw all the time. Some days I do but most days it’s about 80%. Some days, still, it’s even less. And I believe that’s okay!! I have create Real Raw Kitchen at the urging of my friends to help spread the raw food love. This is my hobby, my passion, and my creative outlet.

Matt Amsden

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Marina Yanay-Triner of Soul in the Raw is a health and nutrition coach. She specializes in raw veganism. She began her raw vegan journey as a result of a powerful healing story in her family, and discovered her own body and a new connection to herself in the process. She was certified through the BodyMind Institute, and currently does private coaching as well as teaches classes to show people how easy and delicious raw veganism can be.

Matthew Kenney

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Matthew is a chef, restaurateur and author, known for his unique brand of organic and vegetarian cuisine. His company, Matthew Kenney Cuisine, is focused on the development of products, books and businesses that reflect his passion for sustainable living. His partnership, Living Cuisine Collection, is involved in the management, development, and consultation of living and raw cuisine services, businesses, and products internationally.

Megan McMurray

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My discovery of the raw food movement came in 2005 when I just so happened to move across the street from Juliano’s restaurant in Santa Monica. Intrigued to learn everything I could about this new way of living, I began to work at Julianio’s Raw and read every book I could about nutrition, fasting and raw foods. I even outfitted my kitchen with every tool and machine needed to create even the most difficult and time consuming raw dishes. I enjoyed making meals for myself and friends, using any excuse to experiment in the kitchen. Then my life changed dramatically when raw cacao butter and cacao powder sprang into the scene.

Mel Hayes

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Mel Hayes is a single mum creating an abundant, vibrant wholesome lifestlye for herself and her awesome son, Lucas. Currently based in Norway, this Aussie is the creator of the blog ‘A Better Restart’ (abetterrestart.com) which aims at helping mums create the healthiest families ever. Mel only started her raw food journey at the beginning of 2014 after giving birth and wanting to find her pre-baby body again. She is a MTB cyclist, scuba diver and ironman in training and her biggest inspiration in life in is her son and her desire to teach him that we all deserve to follow our passions and live the life we dream.