Juli Novotny

16 recipes

I was a professional baker at the age of 16 at a popular pastry shop near my house. By age 24, a few years after graduated from UCLA, I started a health food company, Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA. Now 31, living in San Diego, I’m a proud mom with two little boys of my own: Pierce and Roman — just 12 months apart!

Julia Corbett

10 recipes

Julia Corbett is the creator of Diviana Alchemy, an alchemical blend of raw and unfiltered honey, virgin coconut oil, ayurvedic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, superfoods and spices. Her love of making food art has developed over the past few years as a raw food enthusiast.

Julie Van den Kerchove

22 recipes

ulie Van den Kerchove is a certified raw food chef & writer graduated from the Living Light Culinary Institute. After successfully healing herself from several chronic health conditions with the help of raw food, she founded Julie’s Lifestyle [http://www.julieslifestyle.com] where she now offers raw vegan catering, culinary workshops and raw vegan eBooks.

Justin and Heidi Ohlander

5 recipes

We have been on a health journey for many years. Heidi started her journey by becoming vegetarian at age 14 and progressed through organics, vegan, macrobiotic, and raw vegan while JS joined her during her initial vegan journey for his first foray into the search for a superior diet and an answer to Heidi’s health issues.

Kate Magic

7 recipes

Hi there, I’m Karielyn! I’m a wife and mother of three (daughter 20 years old, son 7 years old and son 5 years old) and I’ve been married for 24 years. I try very hard to make sure my family has healthy, nutrient-dense and wholesome foods to eat and that we avoid detrimental foods that can destroy and undermine our health.

Kelly Fielding

20 recipes

Kate is the most experienced raw food promoter in the UK today. She has nearly two decades of experience of raw eating, and is raising her three sons on the raw diet. She is the author of four raw lifestyle books, and tours internationally giving talks and workshops on raw foods.