Jessica Petrovic

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Last year I turned 30, and up until then, my relationship with food was somewhat good. However, I worked my butt off in the gym five days a week, I counted calories and felt incredibly guilty after an indulgent night of chocolate and red wine. I honestly thought I was healthy, but little did I know, that I was consuming preservatives, highly processed sugars and foods that caused inflammation.

After reading one too many ingredients lists and reading about the healing power of foods, I literally woke up one day and removed refined-sugar, meat and other highly processed foods from my diet. I feel better now than when I was 21. And I don’t even feel the guilt.

Jodi Burke

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Entrepreneur, Chef, Photographer and Author Jodi Burke has always loved being in the kitchen, creating and sharing dishes, and finding healthier ways of eating yet also struggling with an eating disorder. A couple years ago, she was introduced to a complete raw, ‘live’ food dinner one night and couldn’t believe how fantastic the food tasted—that started her training as a Raw Foods Chef and learning about creating healthy, raw & vegan recipes & breaking free from emotional eating.e

Joelle Amiot

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I have been a chef and photographer for many years now. Food has always been a passion of mine. Whether it is at the farm, at the market, or being served at the family’s table, food should be fresh and vibrant. I believe that just because it is healthy, there is no reason why our taste buds should not dance. I recently just published my first book “live eat learn RAW”, this is going to be one of many. In search of a quiet healthy life, I have found a rustic and simple way to live, eat, learn; I now want to share that way with you…

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Judita Wignallenbaum

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I’m a Certified Associate Chef and Instructor from the Living Light Culinary Institute in Fort Bragg, CA as well as a Certified Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator. I’ve been passionate about raw foods and nutrition for the past four years. This came as a result of health issues that made me take a reassessment of my diet and lifestyle. As a model, actress and musician I have to credit raw foods for helping me reach an incredible state of health as well as helping me keep my weight down, energy up and my skin clear.

Jennifer Cornbleet

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Jennifer Cornbleet is a nationally recognized raw-food chef and instructor and a long-time faculty member at Living Light Culinary Institute in California. She is the author of the best-selling Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People. Jennifer lectures and holds classes in the San Francisco Bay area and nationwide. 

Lily Kunin

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Lily Kunin, founder of Clean Food Dirty City, is a health coach and plant-based cook in New York City. When she is not in the kitchen, she’s with clients creating personalized health roadmaps that suit different lifestyle and dietary needs. Lily’s services include everything from private health coaching and cooking classes to customized meal planning and grocery shopping tutorials. Follow her on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter