Gabriel Kennedy

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Gabe Kennedy is a chef, entrepreneur, nomad, and healthy lifestyle advocate. Growing up in Boulder Colorado, Gabe learned the importance of taking care our ourselves and the planet through sustainability, health, and consciousness. As a trained chef at The Culinary Institute of America and graduate of the Cornell Hotel School, Gabe now lives in Brooklyn and consults with a variety of organic food and lifestyle brands and in addition, produces sustainable events and pop-ups. 

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 Gena Hemshaw

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I’m a Manhattanite living in the D.C. area who is passionate about vegan and raw food. I’m also a clinical nutritionist and a premed student at Georgetown University, hoping to enter med school in 2013.You can read more about my services here. If you’re interested in a consultation, email me at gena@choosingraw.com.


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Mother and daughter on a life revolving around fresh & delicious food.

Dreaming of a family café and the world.Mom works out the recipes.Daughter takes the photos.Both cook.
Food that takes time, effort, and love.

Golubka (голубка) — noun, dove from Russian


Hallie and Reyaova

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Hallie and Reya Tobias are the founders of Nibs and Greens, a raw food company based in Portland, Oregon where they create and distribute raw, vegan, and gluten-free treats and cakes to grocery stores and local businesses. They started Nibs & Greens in order to share their passion for healthy, delicious desserts with the community around them. Nibs & Greens functions as both a wholesale raw food business and healthy food blog, sharing plant-based, creative recipes of all sorts. Both Hallie and Reya graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and are fitness and health food fanatics. They believe in eating whole, plant-based foods to support body, mind, and soul, and that healthy desserts should always be a mindful indulgence.

Hannah Göransson

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My name is Hanna Göransson, I’m 25 y.o and live in a small town in Hälsingland, Sweden.

I believe that every individual needs to find their own well-being. The right fuel for the each body and soul is very individual.
On my blog I share my very own individual well-being-fuel. Such as giving my body beautiful energy in the form of good food and physical activity, to fill the brain with beautiful thoughts, laugh a lot and be creative.
In autumn 2014 I released my first cookbook, Friendly Food — food without gluten, refined sugar and dairy

Hannah Mendenhall

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Hannah Mendenhall is a raw and whole foods styling photographer for the blog Immer Wachsen, which promotes the beautiful food God created and intended us to eat!