Nadia Petrova

y philosophy about life is that we are in control and we can change things. We can change the way we eat, feel, experience, live. We decide what is best for us. Every single minute we are making a choice to be healthy or eat junk, to stress out or calm down, to exercise or watch TV, to live in style or be content with what you have, to be balanced… or not. It is simple. And it is up to you.

As a registered holistic nutritionist I try to teach people what health means and how to prepare delicious and satisfying meals by using only natural ingredients. Each recipe in my blog is simplified to cut cooking time, but has a gourmet touch to make the dish look beautiful and fancy. Because this too is part of my philosophy of life and food – meals have to be tasty, easy and feast the eye the same way they nourish the body. I do not want to convince you to eat 100% raw & vegan food in your daily life. But to help you incorporate more natural foods for health and youth, and to make you remember… Health is a choice. Welcome to my world 🙂

I’m Nadia and I’m really happy to meet you!