Megan McMurray

My discovery of the raw food movement came in 2005 when I just so happened to move across the street from Juliano’s restaurant in Santa Monica. Intrigued to learn everything I could about this new way of living, I began to work at Julianio’s Raw and read every book I could about nutrition, fasting and raw foods. I even outfitted my kitchen with every tool and machine needed to create even the most difficult and time consuming raw dishes. I enjoyed making meals for myself and friends, using any excuse to experiment in the kitchen. Then my life changed dramatically when raw cacao butter and cacao powder sprang into the scene. I was so inspired by the art of making raw chocolate, I began to read countless classic chocolate books written by famous French chocolatiers and experimented in my own kitchen. In 2009, during a fast at the Tree of Life in Arizona, one foodless night, I pondered the question “If you could have any food right now what would it be?” Superfood chocolate covered pretzels was the answer that popped into my mind. When I arrived back home to my raw food laboratory, that is exactly the thing I decided to create. There in lies the conception of my company Decadently Raw Confections. Indulgent and decadent confectionary shop chocolates and desserts you can enjoy without the guilt or shame.

Formally trained and certified as a raw food instructor and graduating with a Masters Degree in Raw Vegan Nutrition in July 2012 from Gabriel Cousens’ Culture of Life Institute in Arizona. Author of Decadently Raw Truffles, Decadently Healthy Confections and Fine and Raw Chocolates.