Justin and Heidi Ohlander

We have been on a health journey for many years. Heidi started her journey by becoming vegetarian at age 14 and progressed through organics, vegan, macrobiotic, and raw vegan while JS joined her during her initial vegan journey for his first foray into the search for a superior diet and an answer to Heidi’s health issues.

We started a popular raw food blog called Raw Food, Right Now! in August 2006 in hopes to find a broader community of those interested in a raw food diet and lifestyle than we could find locally where we lived. Since the inception of Raw Food, Right Now!, we have written numerous articles for popular health magazine Get Fresh!, as well as Pear Magazine, Lilipoh and have also been featured in the Twin Cities local magazine, Metro Magazine as well as mentioned in many popular health blogs and websites throughout the online Universe.

Along with Health Strategist and Motivator Daniel Vitalis, we have built and currently maintain the world’s first extensive online database of springs in the world over at FindaSpring.com.

We have recently written and released an Elixir recipe and guidebook called Elixir Synergy along with our friend Brandon Gilbert of Hyperion Herbs.

In addition to our extensive blogging history, both of us have been involved in many other non-health related projects.

Heidi is a multi-talented artist, speaker, writer, and lifestyle hacker which has taken her on a long and wide journey into a variety of fields. From authoring ebooks, graphic design, blogging, visual arts, fashion and many more paths, Heidi follows her interests where they lead her.

Justin S. Ohlander (JS) is an active Musician and blogs about his musical projects over at his site JSOhlander.com. JS spent many years in the music scene starting and playing in bands as well as running a small record label.