Jessica Petrovic

Last year I turned 30, and up until then, my relationship with food was somewhat good. However, I worked my butt off in the gym five days a week, I counted calories and felt incredibly guilty after an indulgent night of chocolate and red wine. I honestly thought I was healthy, but little did I know, that I was consuming preservatives, highly processed sugars and foods that caused inflammation.

After reading one too many ingredients lists and reading about the healing power of foods, I literally woke up one day and removed refined-sugar, meat and other highly processed foods from my diet. I feel better now than when I was 21. And I don’t even feel the guilt.

I’ve felt the benefits of raw ‘clean’ healthy eating and seen the positive changes in my husband. I now want to help others start their journey. I know it’s difficult to get off highly processed sugar, artificial colourings and flavorings. So, I thought what better way to encourage people to start than with the biggest temptation, Desserts!

This year, I have been busy founding Inner City Hippie, a raw pastry dessert business based in Melbourne, that sells organic, refined sugar free, preservative free, gluten free and vegan friendly desserts.