Helen Castillo

Raw Chef Helen Castillo is director and founder of The Raw Palate®, a living foods lifestyle organization she established to help others transform their lives through better food and lifestyle choices.

Being introduced to a raw vegan lifestyle several years ago, Helen developed both a passion for supporting local organic farmers and a palate for eating healthful foods prepared mainly from raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Chef Helen boasts an impressive culinary background. As graduate of the inaugural class of professional chefs at 105degrees, an internationally-acclaimed raw vegan gourmet academy and one of Forbes magazine «Best New Restaurants» of 2010, she also earned her Associate Chef/Instructor certification at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, the world’s premier organic raw vegan chef training school. Hands-on experience previously gained from having followed a vegetarian, macrobiotic, and vegan lifestyle along with living foods nutritional training from the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute have allowed her to provide a well-rounded perspective and holistic approach in her teachings.