Hannah Terry-Whyte

I am a 2o-something Canberran who spends rather a lot of time dreaming about / thinking of / partaking in / writing about chocolate and travel. I started this blog when I embarked on four months travelling around the United States and Europe at the end of my undergraduate career and, having gained so many lovely and beloved readers in the process, decided to continue when I got home.

As a result, this blog is now a blend of chocolate reviews, travel tales, cooking, thinking, and anecdotes about my life which I desperately hope don’t bore you to tears. If they bore you enough that you reach for chocolate as a stimulant, though, I’m fine with that.

I absolutely love comments and emails, and endeavour to reply to every one (and everyone). Please never hestitate to respond to anything posted here – you’ll most likely make my day, make me think, or at the very least distract me from something else I’d rather not be focusing on.