Chocomango Bites

By Chef: Eva Hajkova
Posted: December 3, 2013


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This wholesome dessert recipe by Eva Hajkova of comes together very effortlessly and is made with the simplest of ingredients. It is completely nut-free and is made with mainly fresh and dried fruits along with one of our favorite superfoods of all: coconut oil. Even children with nut allergies can enjoy this yummy treat! Garnish with a sprinkling of coconut flakes and cacao powder or nibs, and dig in!

Yield: 1 brownie dish




1. put sesame seeds in food processor and blend until you get a flour. then add the rest of ingredients and mix until the dough is sticky. Taste and if the dough is not sweet enough for you add more agave. Shape your dough in a cake form and put in the freezer

2. put all ingredients for cream in your food processor and blend until you get smooth and thick texture. Spread your cream evenly on the top of your base and put in the freezer for about an hour. Then place the cake in the fridge

3. Cut your cake in small squares, spread some shredded coconut and raw cacao powder on the top.