Chad Sarno

Chad travelled the world, seeking the counsel of those whose work reminded people of both the implicit benefits of hand-crafting foods and the virtues of “walking the earth lightly”. Whether in the American desert or the Philippine jungle, he studied traditional ingredients and customs, and began bringing them together in newly healthful and delicious ways.

With vegan cuisine generally, and living foods specifically, Chad experienced how locally sourced plant-based foods — the staple diet of many cultures — provided him a level of vitality, energy, and serenity rarely seen in the traditional West. (Indeed, even his childhood asthma disappeared!) With the guidance and reflection of many teachers along with way, he began eating food only in its raw state, experimenting with their living textures, smells, and tastes. With each creation, he saw the horizon of Living Foods broaden.

Soon, Chad began formally sharing what he was learning. He founded Vital Creations LLC and, and began sharing his dreams and hopes for the Living Foods movement with anyone who would listen. He crafted and fine-tuned his recipes, cataloguing the growing and cultivation methods for each of his ingredients, and compiled valuable contacts among the constellation of individuals and companies also working to progress the Living Foods movement. These original writings and recipes became Vital Creations — An Organic Life Experience.