Ariane Resnick

Best known for her brand of snack foods, Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine, and its quick sprint from a girl’s idea to Whole Foods across the West Coast, Ariane Resnick is a chef on a mission: to craft food that tastes so incredible, no one knows it’s healthy.

Chef Ariane’s culinary career began an age 19, when her propensity for creating delicious chocolate cake out of garbanzo beans landed her the job as chef de cuisine of a vegetarian cafe.  There, Ariane created a rotating menu and cooked a buffet lunch daily for 50-100 people, as well as catered events regularly.  Though she has also since worked in other fields, including modeling and writing, Ariane always happily finds herself back in a kitchen.

She credits her cooking abilities to her mother, who was a holistic– and prolific– home cook who ran a co-op out of their family home throughout Ariane’s childhood.  Growing up in a house without commercial food, where wheat berries were ground weekly into flour for bread that was seemingly always fresh out of the oven, shaped Ariane’s tastes and gave her a strong affinity for cooking with local, organic whole foods.

Ariane ran Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine from its inception in early 2009 until late 2011, when, unable to meet her overwhelmingly strong consumer demand, she licensed out the brand to a larger raw foods manufacturer.  RnR, while under Ariane’s operation, was featured everywhere from Whole Life Times to AOL Health, and was a favorite of celebrities including Giuliana Ransic, who highlighted the brand on her website,  Since leaving RnR, Ariane has focused exclusively on private chef work and culinary instruction.  Her chef clientele list includes Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin and Agustina Picasso, and she has appeared in Paper Magazine, One Green Planet, and Blythe Raw Live.