Vitamin Rich Winter Breakfast

By Chef: Petra
Posted: January 25, 2016


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Everyone has their own preference whether they feel best with a hearty or light breakfast to start the day. This yummy porridge is light, but also rich at the same time. If you find yourself craving cereal in the morning, but are trying to avoid processed foods, try this recipe instead made with all raw, whole food ingredients.


  • 1 banana, mashed with a fork
  • 2 apples, grated
  • 6 tbsp oats
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tsp hemp seeds
  • 1 tsp grounded vanilla
  • almonds
  • seasonal fruits for a topping I used apple, kiwi, orange


  1. In a medium salad bowl, mix grated apples with mashed banana.
  2. Add chia, hemp seeds, oats and vanilla. Mix well. Add fruits of your choice on the top right before serving. Serve immediately.