Tonya Cole Lightfoot

Tonya Cole Lightfoot is a certified raw food chef and teacher. Her training consists of teaching classes in New York City, Calgary, Washington DC, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas under Naturopathic Doctor Ritamarie Loscalzo, creator of fresh n’ fun living and in Maine under Alissa Cohen. She has taught over 500 people in Living on Live Foods and raw classes, taught for the Calgary library, Community Natural Foods, City of Calgary and written for Synchronicity, Body Soul & Spirit, City Style and Living Magazines and Purely Delicious. She has also hosted and coordinated major raw food events in Calgary with Chef Elaine Love, David Wolfe, Dorit, Paul Nison, Brendan Brazier and Matt & Angela Monarch and currently teaches a weekly Lunch n’ Learn series at her raw food retail store Journey of Health. She currently lives in Calgary, AB, Canada with her husband and daughter.