Stuffed Squash

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They taste as good as they look – one of my most favorite recipes to date. Not only did I just enjoy this dish, but I think it has much promise for holiday functions, and/or, other gatherings. Plus, I just love portioned meals, as they are easy to pack on the go for things such as work lunches… Perfect.


1.5 C shredded zucchini
1.5 C corn
.75 C shredded carrot
2 T chia seeds (could use flax meal in it’s place)
1/4 C fresh mint, chopped
sea salt, say 1 tsp-ish

meat of one young coconut
1/4 C cashews
2 T water or coconut water (more or less blender depending)
1.5 t cumin powder
1.5 ground coriander
dash of pepper


  1. I mixed all ingredients together and set aside while I continued on with the sauce…


  1. In a high-speed blender, I blended all ingredients till smooth. I took out about 3 T of this sauce and set aside for later use.

In another bowl, I added the cashew creme with the zucchini mixture and stuffed each shell (2), the bit I had leftover, well, I just ate

Place the stuffed squash back in the D. You’ll want to crank the D up to about 150-160 degrees for the first 2 hours. Then, reduce the heat and leave for another couples of hours. The reason for this, is that because it’s so big and confined, you could easily ferment the inside if the heat isn’t high enough – which, would result in a waste of food and a waste of time – not my thing.

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