Raw Corn Chips

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If you miss the crunchiness of chips while eating raw then this is the perfect recipe for you: low temperature dehydrated Raw Corn Chips, just waiting to be dunked in some freshly make salsa or raw chili. Enjoy!


  • 2 cups sweet corn


  1. Put the corn in the blender and blend it until creamy. Then put some non-stick paper on the dehydrator tray and spread the corn mixture on top of it.
  2. Put it in the dehydrator at 46°C (115°F) for about 8-10 hours. After about 4 hours take it out and score it, so it will be easier to break it apart later. Then put it back to the dehydrator for another 4-6 hours or until crispy. That's it!
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Hi! My name is Tiasha. I help women get slim, sexy, and healthy the blissful way - with the help of raw foods and intuitive eating. I'm the creator of Shine with Nature and the founder of the Effortlessly Raw Program – a community for fruit lovers with all the motivation and tools to succeed at a raw food lifestyle.

My other passion is creating delicious low-fat raw desserts (and other goodies), that are so good that nobody even believes they are raw.

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