Raw Chocolate Bars

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How can anyone resist the Maca + Black Cherry + Bee pollen all in a chocolate bar? It’s the creme dela creme, raw & chocolately, I don’t see why not?


.5 C melted cacao butter
1 C cacao powder
1 T maca
1 T mesquite
1 T black cherry extract
1 T palm sugar
couple packets of stevia (optional)
Bee pollen granules


In a dehydrator, melt cacao butter. Once melted, add the remaining ingredients – except bee pollen granules. Pour chocolate into desired molds and sprinkle with bee pollen. Place in freezer until solid.

About Callie England

My degree may be in art, but my heart is 100% in health. I have a passion for nutrition and helping others live better and more fulfilling lives via healthy food. I want the world to know you don't have to give up the things you love in order to go raw! Eating raw foods doesn't mean you instantly become a hippie and stop shaving - No way! If anything, eating raw foods, makes you even more beautiful - inside and out.

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