Mushroom Medley Scape Soup

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A simple and elegant mushroom medley scape soup by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney. The minimal ingredients allow for the robust flavors of fresh varietal mushrooms to shine through. If you’ve just recently returned from the Farmers Market with a bundle of mushrooms this is the perfect recipe to try. Enjoy!


1 cup whole raw organic cashews

3 1/2 cup filtered water

5 cups chunked mixed organic mushrooms (I used 2 cups white button mushrooms, and 3 cups mixed of Trumpet Royal, Forest Nameko, Velvet Pioppini and Maitake Frondosa varieties, equal parts) PS- I saved the smallest mushrooms for garnish-optional (see picture above)

5 raw organic garlic scapes, wash well

1 large organic cherry bomb pepper, halve, de-seed and fine chop


1) In your blender, grind the cashews to a fine meal.

2) Add 1 cup water and blend on high for 1 minute. Now add 2 cups mushrooms and blend well.

3) Add the rest of the water and mushrooms and blend on high until smooth.

4) Snap the woody ends off 4 of the garlic scapes and break them into quarters. Add to the blender and blend on high until smooth, about 2 minutes–this is your soup mixture.

5) Fine slice the 1 remaining garlic scape for garnish.

6) Heat the soup mixture on low heat until it reaches 105 degrees F [use a calibrate thermometer to be sure].

7) Place in serving bowls and garnish evenly with the scape slices, cherry bomb dices, and mini mushrooms if you saved them like I did.

Joelle AmiotAbout Joelle Amiot

I have been a chef and photographer for many years now. Food has always been a passion of mine. Whether it is at the farm, at the market, or being served at the family’s table, food should be fresh and vibrant. I believe that just because it is healthy, there is no reason why our taste buds should not dance. I recently just published my first book “live eat learn RAW”, this is going to be one of many. In search of a quiet healthy life, I have found a rustic and simple way to live, eat, learn; I now want to share that way with you…

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