Mint Chocolate Chip Macaroons

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Yes, Natalia has done it again! These mouthwatering mint chip macaroons will make the whole family go coco-nutty!


½ cup cold-pressed coconut oil
½ cup raw honey or agave
¾ teaspoon peppermint extract
pinch of Himalayan salt
3 tablespoons raw cacao nibs
2½ cups finely shredded coconut


1.   Mix coconut oil, honey, peppermint, salt and cacao nibs in a large bowl.

2.   Pour the coconut into the same bowl and mix well to combine all ingredients.

3.   Scoop round balls onto a cookie sheet or platter or spread into a 9” square baking dish.

4.   Place in the freezer for 1½-2 hours.

5.   Thaw 15 minutes before serving.  If you opted for the square dish, cut into desired shapes after thawing.

About Natalia KW

My passion is facilitating profound transformations through a unique blend of shamanic energy medicine and pure healing foods. Working at the levels of both the physical and energetic, my purpose is to guide you towards thriving health and unwavering happiness. The foundation of my culinary work is conscious nourishment—inspiring you to cultivate awareness of the foods that truly serve your well-being. With this essential awareness, you can make your highest foods choices. I advocate a pure, organic, plant based diet, high in living foods. A pure diet cleanses us in body, mind & spirit. It is these foods that bring us to new levels of vitality and radiance while activating our intuition and spiritual connection. My published works include three cookbooks: Pure Pleasures, Cupcake Heaven & Raw Food Juice Bar, filled with satisfying and sustainable living food recipes. I am trained in Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine through the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society. Combining these timeless teachings with my dietary experience, I am honored to bring a uniquely holistic approach to my work. I find the fusion of shamanism with pure food nutrition exceptionally powerful knowing that complete healing requires that we tend to each level of our being–the physical, emotional and spiritual. Though I am a wanderer at heart, I am currently living & loving in Santa Cruz, CA where I enjoy exploring the forests & coast, practicing yoga, sitting in ceremony & indulging in lots of luscious food.

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