Hormone Harmony Smoothie

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This one is for the ladies! A dense, nourishing smoothie with frozen banana, coconut, goji berries, maca and plenty of easy to digest protein for a delicious treat perfect for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack. Both goji berries and maca are known for their regenerative, gland nourishing, hormone balancing effects and also add a unique twist of flavor to this recipe.



1 Frozen Banana

1/2 cup Coconut Flesh

1/4 cup of Goji Berries or 1 tbsp. Goji Powder

1 Scoop of Plant Based Protein Powder (hemp protein, brown rice protein)

1 tsp. Maca Powder

1-2 Cups of  Water





Instructions: Start with your powders and water with your blender on low, once the mixture is blended turn the blender off, add in your berries, banana and coconut and blend on high until smooth. Serve and enjoy.




Description from the chef:

"A hormonal balancing and nourishing smoothie for women. (Men can enjoy this one as well). Goji Berries & Maca are both used by herbalists and other holistic healers to help harmonize, rejuvenate and nourish the endocrine system for a healthy libido, balanced mood and sexual vitality. Maca in particular should be used with caution as some people are not suited to use the herb, for example if you have PCOS or breast cancer. Check with your herbalist first before using Maca as part of your daily regimen.


We use a protein powder in this smoothie for a stable source of protein. Protein supports the livers detoxification process so it can flush out excess hormones from the body and keep hormone levels at optimal levels. Our Resident N.D Dr. Francesca Quinn suggests having a small amount of protein at each meal as part of a hormonal balance protocol."


Young and RawAbout Young and Raw

Sheleana is a raw vegan life lover and explorer. After overcoming a challenging experience with hormonal imbalance and weight gain, her passion for health & raw food, has evolved into a life long journey. Sheleana believes that the raw and vegan community could use a little more fun, so her approach as co-founder of Young and Raw is one of compassion, acceptance, experimentation with natures gifts and most importantly, an open mind. A student of herbalism and holistic nutrition, she believes that freedom of choice is only present when combined with proper education. Caleb is an energetic and active raw vegan with a background in martial arts, marketing and neuroscience. Having worked with some of the top leaders in the health realm such as David Wolfe, Truth Calkins and others, he developed a passion for superfoods, nutrition and alchemy. As co-founder of YoungandRaw.com he takes a unique approach to how we as humans relate to food based on how our brains have evolved over centuries, and provides witty yet fascinating health information that so often makes a positive impact on those who follow his information. He is a life student of all things science, brain, and health related. Caleb believes that through the proper education, raising of awareness and leading by example, we will improve our lives and the lives of those around us in the most powerful ways possible. "Passionate explorers of health and longevity, Caleb and Sheleana leave no stone unturned when it comes to experimentation with super foods, herbs and other natural supplements." Young and Raw  is all about taking a fun and scientific approach to living a raw vegan lifestyle. With so much mis-information and debate throughout the raw community these days, we've decided to play Switzerland to the health realm, and just share what's working for us, the science behind the foods that we find miraculous, and provide valuable education from a collective of the top health experts in the world. You can be a total health nut like us, somebody who's finally ready to lose the weight for real, or a meat eater on the fence, we still love you and you're welcome to reap the benefits of the information, and programs we share. Young and Raw celebrates the journey to raw veganism, demonstrating that transformation stemming from raw food is not only external, but a transformation of awareness, compassion, consciousness and success.

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