Epic Raw Chili

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If you love the spicy, peppery flavor and hearty texture of chili you will love this recipe by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen. Her recipe is completely raw, legume AND nut free, and even contains a few yummy surprises such as dried goldenberries. The blend of chipotle, smoked sea salt, cumin, onion, and garlic really gives it that classic chili flavor while fresh mushroom, bell pepper, and tomatoes add body. Warm it up for a bit in your dehydrator or a low temperature setting in your oven, and if you want an even more filling version add more avocado or some soaked and diced almonds. Enjoy!


1 large portobello cap
1/2 red bell pepper
2T diced red onion
2 large, juicy tomatoes
1 handful of soft, golden raisins (I used dried goldenberries and mulberries)
1/4 white onion
1 clove of garlic
1-2 dried chipotle peppers (depending on your love of spicy-ness)
2 pinches of smoked sea salt (yum, btw)
1 T chili powder
2 t apple cider vinegar
1 t cumin
1 t dried oregano


1) Chop the portobello cap and the bell pepper and add to bowl with the 2T diced red onions.

2) Roughly chop everything else and add to blender (Vitamix, baby!) and blend until completely smooth.

3) Pour into bowl with chopped ingredients.

4) Top with sliced avocado and enjoy.

I served this with a quick juice:

whole lemon

Serious, serious yum.

Marquis MatsonAbout Marquis Matson

My name is Marquis. I'm a 20-something young professional making my way up in this world. I'm mostly silly, extremely ambitious, and a Scorpio, which means I'm incredibly passionate about everything. I am in love with the raw food movement but I'm the first to say that I do not eat 100% raw all the time. Some days I do but most days it's about 80%. Some days, still, it's even less. And I believe that's okay!! I have create Real Raw Kitchen at the urging of my friends to help spread the raw food love. This is my hobby, my passion, and my creative outlet. My goal with this website is to show everyone how easy, delicious, and accessible a raw food diet is.

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