Easy Chocolate Pudding

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Are you ready for the simplest basic raw chocolate pudding ever? This recipe is a classic combo of avocado and cacao powder that is sure to please anyone.


4-5 avocados

1 c coconut nectar/honey/maple syrup/stevia

1-1 1/2 c cacao powder

2 T vanilla

pinch of Celtic Sea salt


Just combining all the ingredients in a food processor and or blender. I used both for some reason : ) Blend and blend until super creamy. That is very important!

Hannah MendenhallAbout Hannah Mendenhall

Hannah Mendenhall is a raw and whole foods styling photographer for the blog Immer Wachsen, which promotes the beautiful food God created and intended us to eat!


  1. Wendy says

    oh, that is so wrong to do a search for quick, easy, raw vegan food, click on your link, and this is the first thing I see. Mouth-watering, delicious, beautiful, chocolate pudding. Now, instead of doing more searching, I must go to the kitchen and make this tempting dessert ;)


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