Cacao Fudge Cake Pops

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While rich and decadent, the dark chocolatey flavor of these fudge cake pops is just perfect and not overwhelmingly strong. The base of ground walnuts and dates makes for dense, moist consistency similar to a fudge brownie. This recipe also features maca and goji berry powder for super food nutrients. Be sure to check out Marlie’s other versions of cake pops too: Luverly Vanilla and Mulberry Maven.


Cake Pop Filling

2 cups walnuts

½ cup dates, soaked

½ tsp maca powder

3 tsp powdered goji berries

¼ cup maple syrup

seeds of 1 vanilla bean

3 tbsp buckwheat flour *(optional: to thicken the mixture if necessary)

Dark Cacao Chocolate

(note: this recipe and quantity was used to dip both the Cacao Fudge Cake Pops and Mulberry Maven Cake Pops. In other words, this recipe will make a large enough quantity to dip both batches, or 40 cake pops).

2/3 cup melted cacao butter

1 cup cacao powder

2 tbsp dark agave syrup

1 tsp vanilla

dash of lucuma powder (for good measure)




Cake Pop Filling

1) Grind goji berries in a coffee grinder until a powder-like consistency. Set aside.2) Process the walnuts until they are a fine and crumbly consistency.3)Add in the dates, maca, goji powder, maple syrup, seeds of one vanilla bean, and process until mixture is soft and dense.4) Add in the 3 tbsp of buckwheat flour if the mixture is too wet (this may change depending on the individual preparation of the recipe). You might also find yourself patting the mixture with a cloth to remove some of the excess oil from the walnuts.

Dark Cacao Coating1) melt the cacao butter in a medium-sized mixing bowl over a pot filled with warm water.2) Using a sifter, sift the cacao powder in a small mixing bowl and set aside.3) Once the cacao butter is melted, mix in the maple syrup, vanilla, cacao powder. Whisk until the overall mixture is a smooth, liquid consistency.4)Dip the cake pops in the chocolate and stick into foam board to dry. Dip cake pops in desired toppings


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