Mousse Chocorange


Do you love chocolate drinks and oranges?! Try this ultimate combination of raw chocolate, avocado, dates, and cocoa, to create a ravishing Mousse Chocorange!

Raw Vanilla Pecan Dream Bars with Cashew Icing


If vanilla cake and pecan pie had a baby, these would be the product. Imagine a moist, gooey bar that tastes like a vanilla buttery cake, but the texture of a gooey pecan pie and is all topped off with a creamy cashew icing. These are your way to break into Spring.

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake with Cinnamon and Vanilla


Do you love strawberries?! Here’s an exciting and very attractive recipe for you by chef Iselin of The Uncooked Vegan Kitchen. A healthy version of your regular Strawberry cheesecake that contains no oil and less nuts. Such a ravishing ‘piece-of-cake’, indeed!

Donut Holes


This recipe tastes just like glazed donut holes! It is so simple and delicious. And because they are so tasty, it is best to make this recipe when other people are coming over; otherwise, you may eat them all yourself! These donut holes taste best when served warm. Allow them to sit in the sun […]

Green Detox Smoothie


Taking a trip somewhere warm and sunny this spring break? If a swim suit is in your near future do not distress, there are tangible things that you can start doing NOW to help beat the bloat and get that tummy in tip top bikini-ready shape whether it’s for spring break or summer ahead. For […]

Green Monster Oreos

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Made with pistachio cream filling and rich cacao, these Green Monsters are a divinely salty, and cream-less yet creamy, no-bake and no-dehydrator raw Oreo alternative. Bonus: they’re green.. need I say more. I serve my Green Monsters with a massive mug of black coffee or a tall glass of cold almond milk.

Life Changing Raw Chocolate Caramel Pie

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With three distinct layers, from a sweet and salty cashew based crust, a creamy caramel maple middle,  and an ultra rich, almost fudge like chocolate topping, this pie couldn’t be simpler. Requiring only minutes of preparation and an afternoon to freeze up to life changing perfection, I serve my Raw Chocolate Caramel Pie with a […]

Pesto-Stuffed Mushrooms


This recipe is simple to make, very tasty and people are often surprised to discover it’s raw. I served it as a starter at one of my Raw Dining Clubs and it went down particularly well with the Italian diners who were there that evening. If you don’t have a dehydrator, this recipe also works […]

Strawerry Linzer Cookies : ‘Raw Cookies’

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Peanut butter cookie and strawberry jam, what more can you say?! Very savory and nutty, especially when lightly toasted (which is optional). The cookie itself here combines the jungle peanuts with coconut for a buttery taste and texture. This is a chilled cookie, so best served straight out of the fridge or freezer.  

Raw Rosemary Coastal Crackers


Who said crackers can only come from boxes? Any commercial food can be  vastly improved upon with a homemade healthy approach. These Rosemary Coastal Crackers are a sweet and savory blend of walnuts, almonds, cranberries and rosemary.  Combined they bring you a slightly sweet, slightly salty and slightly savory cracker.