Raw Chia Cinnamon Porridge


When life gets busy, and breakfasts get a little lax, don’t despair –  turn to your friend chia! This breakfast option is really tasty enough to be dessert (think tapioca pudding), and will fuel your body with the protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that it needs to keep you feeling energized and nourished […]

Peppermint Oreos Dipped in Dark Chocolate


Chewy raw chocolate dipped “oreo” cookies sandwiching a luscious, peppermint-spiked, vanilla-enhanced coconut cream filling. Gather up those ingredients, you’ll definitely want to make this recipe stat.

Miso Mango Red Cabbage Salad


A crunchy, bright, and cheerful mix of purple cabbage and ribbons of carrot tossed together with juicy mango and a simple spicy miso ginger EVOO dressing. Be sure to bookmark this one for all of your upcoming springtime picnics that are just around the bend.

Frozen Raspberry Vanilla Cream Cake


You may not believe how simple it is to make this layered raspberry vanilla cream cake; there are only 6, yes, 6 plant-based raw vegan ingredients. Gluten-free, refined sweetener-free, dairy-free, and healthy for your beautiful body, you can’t beat that!

Raw Dark Chocolate Glazed Coconut Almond Doughnuts

Almond Coconut Chocolate Covered Doughnuts 1

Truly sweet is the moment when you realize that all of your guiltiest pleasures (like sinking those pearly whites into a gooey chocolate covered doughnut) can be made both healthy AND pleasurable. Coconut almond doughnuts with a perfect raw chocolate glaze; these need to be a part of this upcoming weekends brunch array.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Bark

chocolate-peanut-butter-swirl-bark-800wm (1)

If you ever find yourself with an insatiable craving for chocolate and peanut butter, do not despair, you can have exactly what your heart desires while still loving your body with the healthiest ingredients possible. This recipe makes a fun alternative to a classic chocolate peanut butter cup, and the ingredient list is simple and […]

Creamy Tahini Avocado Dream


Need a healthy and uber satisfying snack on the fly? Grab 1/2 an avo, your jar of Dastony sesame tahini, a pinch of salt and black pepper (or cayenne, cumin, turmeric, you get the idea…) a spoon, and dig in! Avocado and tahini are both full of the healthy fats we need for optimal nervous […]

Cacao Nib Superfood Truffles


You’re probably hip to the health benefits of raw cacao (loads of antioxidants, tons of magnesium, minerals, Vitamin C, neurotransmitter-stimulating compounds like phenethylamine and anandamide – and if you weren’t, well, now you are!).  While this recipe does include a nice dose of raw cacao love, it also features another outstanding, although less famous, superfood: […]

Raw Vegan Madeleine Cookies


A raw vegan take on a classic cookie hailing from France. Madeleine Cookies are actually small sponge-like cakes baked within molds shaped like shells. They’re popular in France, where they are made with (of course!) lots of flour, butter and sugar. This version is made with grain-free and paleo-friendly coconut flour for a fluffy, cake-like […]

Coconut Berry Smoothie


Give your body a little superfood TLC today with a yummy coconut berry smoothie infused with free radical scavenging acai berry powder and Peruvian maca, known for its energy boosting and hormone balancing properties. Garnish with cacao nibs, coconut flakes, chia seeds and goji berries.