Raw Romaine Wrap Ups


In terms of real, clean fast food it doesn’t get much easier, much quicker, and more delicious than a raw romaine wrap complete with fresh veggies, avocado, and a sweet mustard sauce. These make a great snack on the fly and can be done a variety of ways depending on your taste buds and what […]

Raw Glazed Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookie 3 (1)

If decorating cookies is a special Holiday tradition in your family you’ll be happy to know you can enjoy the entire experience in a completely healthy way. Every member of your family, including those with the biggest sweet tooth, will love this recipe for raw and gluten-free glazed sugar cookies decorated with organic citrus zest, […]

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake


Once finished you may find it hard to take the plunge and dig into this epic dessert, it’s just that pretty to look at. However, it’s chocolate. And cherries. TOGETHER. In one cheesecake. Experience a slice of heaven. Don’t fret if you don’t have fresh cherries available where you live right now. Feel free to […]

Raw Vanilla Rooibos Tartlets


Rooibos tea and vanilla bean: one of nature’s most heavenly combinations. If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a rooibos tea latte sweetened with vanilla almond milk (and if you haven’t…get on it!), you will be familiar already with how wonderful this combination is. Experience it in the form of a simple-to-prepare raw tartlet with […]

Raw Jerusalem Artichoke and Spinach Velvet Sauce


Have you heard of a jerusalem artichoke? These tuberous root vegetables are in season during the fall and winter, and can often be found freshly harvested at the Farmer’s Market. Aside from their mildly sweet, nutty, and delectably crunchy texture they also happen to be profoundly healthy for us, specifically our GI tracts. Jerusalem artichokes, […]

Raw Cacao Bliss Balls with Chili, Peppermint and Liquorice


This is what happens when you have a go-to raw brownie recipe that leaves little to be improved upon, but still want to mix it up a bit. Raw Cacao Bliss Balls made 3 ways: chili, peppermint, and liquorice – perfect for the Holidays!  

Berry Mango Sorbet with Banana and Pineapple


A splendid combination of frozen berries, mango, and pineapple with frozen bananas to thicken it up and raw walnuts for a touch of buttery richness. The result is somewhere between banana ice cream and sorbet, which sounds like a breakfast of champions to us! Top with a sprinkling of goji berries, dried coconut, and cacao […]

Kelp Noodle Pesto


No time? No problem. One of the beautiful things about raw food cuisine is that meal prep can be super quick and easy. This kelp noodle pesto pasta dish requires only a quick rinse of the noodles and a short blitz in the blender of a handful of ingredients which come together to form a […]

Key Lime Coconut Cheesecake Cups


Enjoy a little bite of sunshine with these sweet-tart and perfectly creamy Key Lime Coconut Cheesecake cups. Too cute and so easy to make as well!