Silky Green Smoothie


This is a practical raw green smoothie recipe that does not use berries to keep the costs down for you budget-conscious folk. It’s very filling too. Enjoy!

Mylk Chocolate Caramel Mini Torte


Mini. Torte.This all might sound incredibly good and oh so bad for you, except this is made with some of the best ingredients around, which are anything but bad. So  delicious and good and nourishing, definitely a piece of cake that the whole family can gather around of and enjoy, guilt free. Enjoy!

Raw Cashew Milk


Try this sweet raw cashew milk instead of your usual milk on cereal. No straining required! Drink this delicious raw cashew milk recipe and experience heavenly bliss! Your raw cashew milk can be drunk straight, or served as a milk substitute in cereals and other recipes. Enjoy!

Cucumber, Avocado & Peach Salad


This recipe is the most refreshing summer salad, summer appetizer, or summer side dish. The creaminess from the avocado, meets the sweetness of the peach, mingles with the sharpness of the red onion, dances with the sweet herbal aroma of dill. Add the acids, a little heat, and a dash of salt, and you’ve got […]

Chocolate Pudding Bowls with Coconut Cream and Cherries

IMG_0925 (1)

This recipe is everything you would ever desire from a bowl of chocolate pudding: smooth, creamy, rich, and chocolatey, with that perfect hint of vanilla, only this version is 100% refined sugar and dairy-FREE. For the coconut cream you can use the recipe link provided below or simply make your own by blender young Thai […]

Watermelon Popsicles


Perfectly sweet and flavorful Watermelon Popsicles. Popsicles need water and sweetener to freeze perfectly. Watermelon has natural sugar and plenty of water. These are so simple and you don’t need to add extra ingredients to make these delicious! You can replace the watermelon puree with honeydew melon or cantaloupe puree. Use any fresh organic fruit […]

Raw Red Pepper Soup


This recipe is super simple and requires only a blender to make.It’s also very quick to pull together if you have two red peppers in the fridge, as well as some cashews in the cupboard. By the way, red bell peppers are sweet. So do not use green bell peppers for this recipe since they aren’t […]

Raw Hippie Breakfast Bowl


Are you a fan of both smoothie bowls and granola? Check out this combination of smoothie breakfast bowl and granola in one amazing recipe by Chris Anca of Tales Of A Kitchen. It’s a power packed breakfast to energize you through the day!

Raw Brownie Recipe


This raw brownie recipe is one of the most popular recipes, probably because it is so easy and turns out so well. Walnuts, dates, coconut, cacao and salt combine in a food processor to create a surprisingly delicious traditional-style brownie. Top with chocolate icing for even more chocolate goodness! Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Cacao Truffles


Raw Vegan Cacao Truffles melt in your mouth and above all, they are super healthy too! They are not only loaded in flavor, but are also an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. They nourish your body and taste buds all at the same time! Enjoy!