Raw Banoffee Pie

By Chef: Emma Potts
Posted: January 6, 2014


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A sublimely decadent yet surprisingly simple dessert creation from Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries featuring fresh bananas, coconut whipped cream, and an all-raw caramel sauce. It’s a banofee pie made with 100% body-loving whole food ingredients. The taste is very akin to banana cream pie only with an additional element of gooey caramel made with dates and raw almond butter. This is a great recipe to make if you are new to raw desserts! It is pretty fool-proof, doesn’t require many ingredients, and is guaranteed to please the crowd. It also makes an incredible template for pies of other flavors. For instance you could swap out the banana for fresh berries, apples, or even pears for a delicious alternative.

Yield: 2-3


  • 1/2C Walnuts
  • 1/4C +2T Pitted dates, packed
  • Pinch of salt


  • 1/4C Pitted Dates, packed
  • 1/2T Almond Butter
  • 1/4t Vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2T Water

Vanilla Bean Coconut Whipped Cream:


For the crust:

1) whizz the walnuts and salt in a food processor until you have a coarse crumb.

2) Add dates and process until the mixture sticks together when pressed between 2 fingers.

3) Press crust onto a plate, or into a little tin if you have one, and shape into a circle. Refrigerate while you prepare the other components

For the caramel:

1) In a food processor (I used the mini insert bowl), you might need to double the mixture if you don’t have a small food processor bowl, blend all the caramel ingredients together, stop and scrape down the mixture several times to ensure everything is incorporated. You should end up with a reasonably smooth thick caramel. Try not to eat it all now! Remove to a bowl and refrigerate as well.

For the coconut whipped cream:

1) Finally, prepare the coconut whipped cream. Remove the can of coconut milk from the fridge and carefully remove the thick layer of cream from the top of the can. It should have separated out from the liquid underneath. Be careful not to get any liquid or your coconut cream will be on the runny side (like mine…).

2) With an electric whisk whisk the coconut milk until fluffy and thick.

(if using Thai coconut, simple blend the meat with water until creamy, then whip with an electric whisk.)

3) Using a spice grinder or blender whizz the coconut sugar until powdered (or use powdered sugar).

4) Fold this through the coconut cream along with the seeds of a vanilla bean. Refrigerate while you assemble the pie.


1) Slice the banana and arrange 1/2 the slices over the crust.

2) Spread a thick layer of caramel over the bananas (you won’t need all the caramel so you can keep the rest for later to eat with apple slices dipped in , or spread on another banana).

3) Add a second layer of sliced banana.

4) Top with as much coconut cream as you like, any remaining banana slices, and a dusting of raw cacao powder.