Rainbow Green Cuisine - Phase 1.5

Salted Caramel Pecan Fat Bombs

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These Salted Caramel Pecan Fat Bombs are a concentrated treat of healthy fats that are filling and perfect for those on a Ketagenic, low carb diet. Instead of reaching for a sweet treat – try these instead, they are sure to kill cravings and keep you feeling so full you won’t want to eat another […]

Raw Fusion Coconut Slice

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Inspired by the Balinese who find a million ways to use yummy coconuts. This recipe offers a major hit of heart loving essential fats. Enjoy making and eating them!  

Green Recovery Elixir


A green drink that is perfect for recovering after hot, sweaty runs in the sun and great for rebalancing electrolytes. It is also packed with superfoods, which act as anti-inflammatories and immune system aids to facilitate in recovery.

Bohemian Ice Cubes


Ice cubes made with fresh fruit, herbs or edible flowers are a gorgeous addition to summer drinks. Such an easy way to make your drinks look very chic and eye-catching. It’s an original way to delight and surprise your guests.

Gastrawnomica’s 4 Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate Squares

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With only 4 ingredients and a very low glycemic index, this raw vegan chocolate recipe is as easy as it is healthy and delicious! Carob powder is used to replace cacao – so it also happens to be a great alternative for children who could do without the stimulative effects of raw chocolate. The tahini […]

Raw Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

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Lemon meringue pie is very unique with its delicate and silky-smooth consistency. Generally speaking, raw pies and cakes can achieve the creaminess factory without much effort (hello cashews and coconut!) however, the texture is often very dense and rich. The secret to this raw vegan lemon merinque pie lies in irish moss, a sea vegetable […]

Spicy Grapefruit Lime and Ginger Popsicles

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It’s a little hard to believe but we’re actually headed into popsicle season here in the northern hemisphere! This homemade recipe offers a brilliantly refreshing, tart, and spicy kick that will simultaneously cool you off while pepping you up for your next spring or summer adventure. It happens to be very low in sugar too!

Gastrawnomica’s Raw Vegan Heart of Palm & Jicama Ceviche

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No living animal need be harmed to enjoy a delicious ceviche! This raw vegan version utilizes fresh, juicy jicama along with tomato, heart of palm, avocado, spicy jalapeno, avocado, and a burst of fresh lime. Serve it up in lettuce leaves or organic corn tortillas for your next taco night.

Dark Cherry and Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl

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Put a little pep in your step with this vitamin and antioxidant-rich smoothie bowl. The forces of darkness unite in this recipe, but not in the way you might be thinking; we’re talking richly pigmented fruits such as acai, black cherries, and dark green leafy kale – all of which are nutrient-rich superstars. A dash […]