Paige Brummett

Paige Brummett is a 22 year old Raw Food Chef and Educator based out of Chicago, IL. Paige has always loved being in the kitchen, making food for her family and friends. She mainly just focused on how foods tasted until her senior year in high school when she got diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Paige had to become very conscious of the food she was putting in her body. After doing some research, she came across the raw food diet and started to apply it. Her health changed dramatically and she realized she had found vitality, passion, and her career choice. Paige trained and got her certification as a Raw Food Chef at Cousins Incredible Vitality in Chicago, IL. Now Paige is teaching classes at Karyn’s Raw Café and working on developing a raw food line for kids. In the future, Paige plans on opening a wellness center, with an emphasis on living foods and holistic health.