Emily von Euw

42 recipes

Emily von Euw is the creator of This Rawsome Vegan Life, a blog dedicated to sharing wholesome, raw, vegan recipes and information about the lifestyle. She is currently writing her first cookbook all about raw desserts. Emily lives In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is studying at university. She enjoys anything outdoors, as well as experimenting in the kitchen, reading, getting to know her readers, petting her cats, and dancing! In the future she hopes to build a tiny house on wheels and travel somewhere tropical to leave among nature. For now, she just wants to make delicious, healthy, cruelty-free recipes for you.

Emma Potts

18 recipes

Emma is a 20-something year old girl from England and author of Coconut and Berries, a blog devoted to sharing her love of healthy vegan food. Emma enjoys exploring different types of cuisines, from Middle-Eastern to Indian to Asian and of course raw food- especially raw desserts!I’ve been living this lifestyle for the past 4 years and there’s no going back. I’ve never felt better, physically or mentally. it’s a fantastic feeling knowing that you’re only consuming foods that are nourishing your body and avoiding those which are damaging to ourselves and our planet.

Erin Bosdet

30 recipes

Erin Bosdet is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN), a vegan/raw chef and a mom.  She is passionate about nutrition, photography and raising her son. Her Simply Dish pages were created to inspire you and to share nutritious and delicious plant based recipes with you and your family.


Eva Hajkova

11 recipes

Eva is a Public Health Professional as well as a passionate raw foodist mum of two beautiful kids.Eva and her husband decided to change their lifestyle in 2012 when Eva returned from a life changing Ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador and got pregnant with her second child.After giving an orgasmic home birth to their beautiful son in a magical year of 2012, everything changed. Eva and her family decided to move from London to Australia, they became high raw foodists, quit their jobs to be with their little children and enjoy a proper family lifestyle.

Fee O

9 recipes

Fee is the author of Raw Fit and Happy, a blog dedicated to sharing clean, simple but super-healthy and unbelievably delicious raw vegan recipes. Fee lives in Germany and currently studies biochemistry. Her main interest is in understanding the human body, fuelling it with real, raw and whole food and creating a bigger community of healthy and happy people. Fee loves anything outdoors, creating new recipes, food photography and reading.

Eva Rawposa

3 recipes

Friska is the author of raw vegan blog Fresh by Friska. She focuses on fresh produce with each recipe being taste-tested successfully by non vegans and non raw foodies alike.  Delving into the blogging world after being cajoled by friends and family, it is her preferred medium to share recipes and health news while demonstrating how easy it is to incorporate raw foods into any diet.  Loving the eating more than the ‘cooking’, the recipes on her blog are fast, simple and delicious.  No hours of dehydrating time required!