Rachel Schwartz

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Raw foods chef, plant based nutritionist, weight loss expert and athlete are just a few labels that describe Rachel Schwartz. On a quest, Rachel inspires thousands daily and continues to grow in the health and fitness industry. Her amazing physique, knowledge, positivity and infectious attitude towards life is something that she is known for.

I truly love what I do. Sharing my expertise about nutrition and health. Guiding people to reach they’re goals are the things I’m most passionate about. I am a great example that we can achieve anything we set out minds too. I’m just your average girl chasing her dreams. Anything and everything is within our grasps and I want to be the one to show you the way.

Raw Loulou

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Rawloulou first discovered the Raw Food lifestyle over 4 years ago and has never looked back since. She is a Nutritional Therapist and a Live Food Nutritional Therapist and a Pastry Chef by trade. Over the past 3 years she has been a Raw Food Consultant and Chef for many Stars of the world including a well known Raw Foodist and his lovely family whilst he was on vacation in her area. Her food blog illustrates many raw food recipes and ‘how to’s’ and her aim throughout is simplicity with delicious results. She currently lives in the South of France and has done for 12 years now, but is British born.

Rebecca Almazan

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Rebecca, a certified Raw Food Instructor and Chef, is the creator of A Raw Education, a blog dedicated to teaching the principles of raw, vibrant, living food. She shares her passion of un-cooking through her recipes and rawesome advice on how to be successful on the raw living lifestyle. Rebecca believes that everyone should be able to enjoy an energetic life full of health and radiance. Through her blog, raw food classes, and one on one consultations, she strives to empower people with the knowledge necessary to make the transition to the raw lifestyle and achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

Priscilla Soligo

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Priscilla Soligo is the founder of Rawthentic Food, a company dedicated to organic plant-based raw food health. Her degree in early childhood development and raw gourmet culinary and nutrition studies/ training combines her love and two passions of children and raw food together. Priscilla is a mother to an adorable toddler. She is an avid supporter of local organic farming and is currently producing her first e-book.

Rachael Campbell

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Rachael is an intuitive life coach, inspiring and influencing people to find their inner voice, through the wisdom she has gained with audiences worldwide. Raising their conscious awareness of their potential and abilities rachaelcampbell.com. Rachael has online program’s and works with people One-on-One. Rachael is a graduate of the Matthew Kenney Academy, a certified Raw Food Chef. Rachael shares her love of plant based cuisine with the world through Rachael’s Raw Food. Rachael is the author of ‘Revolutionary Raw Recipe’s’ which features, plant-based dishes and easy-to-follow recipes.


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Hi! I’m Rachel, a raw foodie and ethical vegan from the beautiful city of Bristol. I’m hugely passionate about sharing the vegan message, and when I’m not working as editor of Vegan Food & Living Magazine, you can find me in the kitchen creating decadent raw desserts for on my blog — Rawberry Fields.

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