Michelle and Loriret Chapman

15 recipes

Lori and Michelle are twin sisters, entrepreneurs (own an online bakery), and write the gluten free healthy living fitness blog, Pure2raw. The twins share their passion of eating healthy, staying active, and creating innovative, delicious recipes. Lori and Michelle have a big sweet tooth, and love making desserts that are super yummy that are made from wholesome ingredients. The twins try to show being healthy can be fun and a little sweet!

Mila Ilina

14 recipes

Mila is a certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef & Instructor with the world renowned Living Light Culinary Arts Institute; and a certified Educator on Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition under the instruction of Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C.

A native of Russia, Mila’s collaborated Rawsian Borsch recipe has been featured on the menu of the Living Light Cuisine Cafe. Mila is the founder of Raw Radiance LLC, teaching the art of raw cuisine for healthy radiant living.

Molly Patrick

8 recipes

Molly Patrick is the co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl.

Molly is a food coach, specializing in healing people’s relationships with food by focusing on how, what and why they eat. She has a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University in conjunction with the T. Collin Campbell Foundation. Her popular Saturday emails have turned into a Saturday morning ritual for her readers around the globe.

Monica Caligiuri

5 recipes

Monica is a Holistic Nutrition Coach passionate about energizing people’s lives through high quality nutrition. She is author of
‘Real, Raw &, Radiant -real food, raw food and, super food guide’ and, specializes in 1 to 1 consultations. Join the
real and raw food community here at Real Raw Wild.com

Nadia Al

3 recipes

My name is Nadia and I’m the blogger behind Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen. I grew up in Iraq, a war torn country eating basic, unprocessed foods as we couldn’t afford things like chocolates and crisps. Due to the bad circumstances around me, I developed anxiety issues from a very young age. Over time stress and anxiety lead to me to develop chronic inflammatory conditions like eczema, IBS and chronic pain. When moving to the UK I suffered really bad eczema and IBS flare-ups that didn’t improve with conventional treatments. Eventually, I found diet change and lifestyle was the best treatment for my chronic conditions. I’m currently studying Naturopathic nutrition and I’m well on my way to becoming a fully qualified nutritional therapist which I’m extremely excited about!

Nadia Damaso

7 recipes

I’m a 19 year old food blogger based in Switzerland and passionate about the healthy kitchen. With the philosophy «Eat Better Not Less» i want to inspire and show people how many amazing options you have to create healthy but at the same time filling and delicious meals! My recipes are all sugar-free, wholesome, easy and quick to make and will hopefully not only attract your sense of taste but also wow you with the look. Everybody can cook; it‘s just something you have to practice and most importantly do with a lot of passion, imagination and creativity!
This Fall my first Cookbook- Eat Better Not Less- with over 90 completely new recipes is coming out. Whether its’s Banana ice cream for breakfast, a healthy Avocado Pizza for lunch or a delicious, guilt free and healthy chocolate mousse for dessert- it’s all in it!