Alexandra Dawson

15 recipes

Alexandra Dawson is a Washington, DC based wellness warrior, passionate vegan & yogi. Currently a post-baccalaureate student, working towards a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics and a future masters in Holistic Nutrition, Alexandra writes a lifestyle and recipe website InMyBowl.com, promoting plant based nutrition, healthful and positive living, and #GoddessVibes. You can also find her on her beautifully impassioned Instagram @TallulahAlexandra/

Amber St. Peter

9 recipes

Fettle Vegan is a food blog whipped up by Amber St. Peter + Alex Owens. They have a healthy appreciation for weeks and prefer keeping it simple in the kitchen- their recipes are always vegan, usually gluten-free, and sometimes raw. They live in Long Beach, California with their pitbull puppy and an overflowing cookie jar.

Adam Hart

2 recipes

Adam Hart is the bestselling author of The Power of Food, which shares the secrets of achieving optimal health through living, plant-based foods. Highly sought after speaker and champion of intention-based living, Adam shares how to awaken an abundance of energy and vitality without giving up your favorite foods. Visit him online to get his newest
TOP 3 MUST HAVE KITCHEN GADGETS FOR HEALTHIER ‘ON THE GO’ MEALS & his 11 favorite recipes to use them with!

Akshata Sheelvant

8 recipes

Namaste and Hello! My name is Akshata Sheelvant and my passion is to achieve living a “balanced lifestyle” by incorporating the ancient Eastern wisdom with the contemporary Western practicality. I was introduced to Ayurveda and Homeopathy at an early age of 19 when my dad was completely healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis. My forte is crafting non-Indian dishes by perfectly blending them with seasonal and ‘dosha’ specific Ayurvedic herbs and spices. Before making my passion a full time lifestyle, I worked in the corporate world in the IT arena.
Visit Akshata at JeevaLifestyle.com

Alex Malinsky

33 recipes

Alex is an award winning chef and one of the leading experts in the field of raw food. He started to learn about raw foods at the early at of 14. After 11 years on the raw food diet he continues to be on the cutting edge of nutritional research and product development. Alex was inspired by the bold flavors of chocolate and hazelnuts together and thus created Rawtella for everyone to enjoy. We are pleased to finally offer it to the main stream market. Stay tuned for more amazing raw vegan products to come!

Alissa Cohen

6 recipes

Alissa Cohen is one of the world’s leading authorities on raw foods and healthy living.
An internationally recognized author, speaker, and raw food chef and consultant, Alissa’s devoted following includes thousands of people throughout the world who have maintained successful weight losses, healed themselves of a myriad of diseases, and swear by her simple and fun approach to fantastic health.