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Bali Cocoa BeansChocolate is all about the heart chakra for me. The idea of chocolate encompasses sharing, friendship and love. Nurturing of the self and of your loved ones. The symbology of chocolate as a gift to give those you care most about, those who you have a special “heart” connection with, goes back a long, long time. In this day in age there are many corrupt practices taking place around us, influencing many aspects of our lives, and even influencing the foods that we consume. I am so pleased with this new cacao powder, not just because it’s chocolate, totally delicious and a pure and utter super food for all super beings, but because it is a truly Conscious food. Conscious right down to the method of cultivation and farming, to harvesting, to the treatment of those that grow and sell this food. Basically, something i can embrace wholly, which is very important to me!

Firstly i’d like to say a few words about why i believe raw organic cacao is an important food in todays world. As most of us can attest to, life dishes out a constant flow of challenges on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This is why super foods with super abilities can be so amazing. Cacao can help mineralize us, protect us from free radical damage, and encourage a joyful state of mind. Cacao is well endowed with amino acid tryptophan which helps us feel relaxed and deal more positively with stress. It also contains neurotransmitters dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine (or PEA) which work in the brain to create feelings of pleasure and well being. The stresses we deal with in today’s world can also tax us of our minerals. Cacao is very rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, sulphur, iron, and chromium (among others), which many people are lacking in their diets. The antioxidant activity in cacao is exceptional, RAW cacao even more so! It surpasses berries, green leafy vegetables, and green tea. Also many people don’t realize that cacao contains very high levels of vitamin C to protect us, enhance our immune systems, and re-build healthy collagen and tissues. The flavonoids in cacao protect our actual physical hearts and vascular system. So the heart benefits go beyond the emotions and feelings we experience. The cacao beans used to make this powder grow wild in the lush jungles of Bali. When the harvest season arrives it is the actual local people and villagers that harvest the cacao and are payed fair wages for their labor.

The beans undergo a natural fermentation underneath organic banana leaves, and are then washed thoroughly, sun dried and peeled by hand. These are old trees with roots that reach deep into mineral rich volcanic soil! Amazing. The process by which the beans are ground down, separating the oil from the protein and fiber never reaches above 120° F, and usually remains around 113° F. The flavor of this cacao powder is rich, complex and only mildly bitter. It tastes very fresh, like it was just ground. I can taste the purity, this is REAL raw chocolate powder. The texture is light and fluffy, and it blends exceptionally well in recipes. The yumminess of this powder alone inspires me to start making my own chocolate, which I’ve never actually done before, but i am feeling a calling. I can’t wait to try the Bali cacao butter made from the same beans! Don’t be limited to use this amazing food in desserts only, try adding a dash to savory soup recipes like a chili or mexican inspired vegetable soup with spicy peppers and cumin. I find that when combined with spices and veggies in a tomato-based soup it not only adds an amazing complexity of flavor but also helps thicken the texture as well.

When i first went raw i truly wasn’t that excited about raw cacao coming onto the scene. I had never been a huge chocolate person growing up. I was also into very simple eating, and when i thought of raw cacao it seemed like i’d need to use it in some complicated recipe. Then i tried a simply prepared raw chocolate drink made with love that a friend had spiced up, loaded with superfoods and gently warmed on the stove. It was euphoria and i felt something special that cooked chocolate just could never provide. The world of raw chocolate has come a long way even since then! It continues to evolve and this product is definitely a result of that evolutionary process.

Heart Warming Spicy Rich Cacao Drink
best if warmed slightly on the stove

1/2 cup Indonesian cashews
1/2 cup wild brazil nuts
3 cups spring water
Blend well and strain through nut mylk bag.

Place back in blender and blend in:
1 tsp vanilla bean powder
2 tbs raw organic Bali cacao powder (more if you want it richer)
1 tbs raw organic honey (more if you want it sweeter)
2 tsp maca
2 tsp mesquite or lucuma powder
organic chipotle pepper or raw organic cayenne to taste (a pinch or two usually does it)
1 tsp raw organic cinnamon
1 pinch of Himalayan salt

Try also making a simple pudding:
Use 1 large ripe avocado
the juice of 1 sweet orange
2 tbs raw organic Bali cacao powder
few scrapes of orange zest
small spoonful of raw organic honey

Blend together until mousse-like. Top with some fresh berries. This is the perfect chocolatey breakfast!

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