Nadia Al

My name is Nadia and I’m the blogger behind Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen. I grew up in Iraq, a war torn country eating basic, unprocessed foods as we couldn’t afford things like chocolates and crisps. Due to the bad circumstances around me, I developed anxiety issues from a very young age. Over time stress and anxiety lead to me to develop chronic inflammatory conditions like eczema, IBS and chronic pain. When moving to the UK I suffered really bad eczema and IBS flare-ups that didn’t improve with conventional treatments. Eventually, I found diet change and lifestyle was the best treatment for my chronic conditions. I’m currently studying Naturopathic nutrition and I’m well on my way to becoming a fully qualified nutritional therapist which I’m extremely excited about! My goal is to be able to help others live a healthier lifestyle and show how easy it is to enjoy healthy food as I believe that nutrition and whole foods are the best medicine anyone can offer! Find Nadia on social media!