Dinner Recipes

Browse through some of the best vegan dinner recipes created by some of the top chefs in the field.

Massaged Kale Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing


This raw, vegan and gluten free salad is not only bright and flavorful, but enhances the texture of the notoriously tough and bitter kale leaves by tenderly massaging them with a dash of sea salt and a few squeezes of lemon juice and vinegar. Although kale can seem coarse and prehistoric looking, don’t be intimidated. […]

Raw Food Pizza Crackers With Avopepper Dip


Enjoy this easy raw food recipe and make raw pizza crackers or ala bramborak crackers (not only Czech and Slovakians would enjoy the taste). Raw food crackers are a great alternative for traditional bread and you can keep them in sealed container in a fridge for up to a month.  

Blended Green Soup


Have you ever made a soup in under ten minutes? This blended soup is an excellent way to get instant nourishment without having to slave over the stove. Blending your greens ensures that the tough cell membranes are broken down for you so that you start energizing your body with the very first bite.

Raw Green Tea Ice Cream with Strawberry Swirl


How lovely would it be to make a matcha ice cream with a strawberry swirl?  The green contrasting the red, and the earthy matcha paired with the sweet berries. Chef Amy Lyons created this heavenly recipe perfect for Spring!

Mousse Chocorange


Do you love chocolate drinks and oranges?! Try this ultimate combination of raw chocolate, avocado, dates, and cocoa, to create a ravishing Mousse Chocorange!

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake with Cinnamon and Vanilla


Do you love strawberries?! Here’s an exciting and very attractive recipe for you by chef Iselin of The Uncooked Vegan Kitchen. A healthy version of your regular Strawberry cheesecake that contains no oil and less nuts. Such a ravishing ‘piece-of-cake’, indeed!

Pesto-Stuffed Mushrooms


This recipe is simple to make, very tasty and people are often surprised to discover it’s raw. I served it as a starter at one of my Raw Dining Clubs and it went down particularly well with the Italian diners who were there that evening. If you don’t have a dehydrator, this recipe also works […]

Gastrawnomica’s Raw Vegan Heart of Palm & Jicama Ceviche

2015-03-17-15-12-01-e1426708281477 (1)

No living animal need be harmed to enjoy a delicious ceviche! This raw vegan version utilizes fresh, juicy jicama along with tomato, heart of palm, avocado, spicy jalapeno, avocado, and a burst of fresh lime. Serve it up in lettuce leaves or organic corn tortillas for your next taco night.

Spring Green Kale Salad

Spring Salad 1

Spring into all things fresh and green today with this gorgeous seasonal salad perfect for St. Patty’s Day. Raw kale, asparagus, scallion, kiwi fruit and pear combine with crunchy pistachios and a light and refreshing lemony hemp oil dressing for a salad that’s both nourishing and full of flavor and spunk. Enjoy!  

Blueberry Mango Salad with Ginger Tahini Dressing


If you typically stick with all veggies in your salad bowl mix it up today by adding a pop of juicy sweetness courtesy of fresh blueberries and mango. If any salad recipe has the power to uplift your mood it is this one here. You will love the combination of flavors and textures. The ginger […]