Young Coconut Recipes

Enjoy some of the best young coconut recipes on the internet. From coconut shakes to vegan coconut jerky. Enjoy!

Raw Tutti Frutti Ice Cream


A tutti frutti blend of juicy mango, pineapple, banana and young coconut marbled with swirls of vibrant strawberry puree for a pretty marbled effect. This delicious ice cream also comes with an unsuspecting dose of plant-based protein courtesy of Sprout Living‘s Epic Protein Green Kingdom. Could a bowl of ice cream be your next healthy post […]

Raw White Chocolate Mint Slice

img_8419 (1)

This low-sugar dessert will leave you licking your plate clean. Silky layers of peppermint-infused white chocolate cream paired with a raw chocolate crust. You could choose to make this into a cheesecake, or slice it into bars – it’s up to you! The minty green color comes courtesy of spirulina, a blue-green algae powder rich with […]

Coconut Dessert Smoothie


With just 4 ingredients and 1 minutes of prep you too could be enjoying a jar full of bliss, aka this coconut dessert smoothie. 100% yum.

Raw Salted Caramel Banana Pecan Ice Cream

Caramel Banana Pecan Ice Cream 2

If you’re looking to bite into something seriously heavenly this salted caramel banana pecan ice cream is it. Made with ingredients that truly nourish your body like raw coconut, pecans, bananas, dates, and not a stitch of dairy or refined sugar. Go ahead, lick that bowl clean.

Raw Vegan Milkshake


You don’t have to overload your body with sugar to enjoy a decadent treat. The base for this creamy raw vegan milkshake is young Thai coconut meat and water – loaded with valuable compounds and nutrients such as electrolytes for hydration (perfect for dry, irritated winter skin), caprylic acid (to help keep candida levels in […]

Raw Vegan Macaroons with Beet, Chocolate and Coconut Creams


There really is nothing that the plant kingdom can’t provide us with, Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life proves this time and time again with her amazing recipes! Get creative with this one. If you prefer a vanilla cookie base simply leave out  the cacao powder. Play with different plant pigments for fun variations of […]

Raw Pluot Thyme Cheesecake

Raw Pluot Thyme Cheesecake

If you’ve yet to really master your raw cheesecake creations Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake will help guide you along with her perfected recipes such as this one. A creamy and dense coconut cheesecake filling infused with lemon zest, vanilla and thyme combines perfectly with an all raw sprouted buckwheat crust and sweet pluot […]

Raw Lemon Caramel Coconut Yogurt Cake

Raw Lemon Caramel Coconut Yogurt Cake

If you’re looking for a raw dessert recipe absolutely guaranteed to impress anyone and everyone around you than behold your answer here! This Raw Lemon Caramel Coconut Yogurt Cake by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is perfection. She utilizes probiotic powder in the coconut yogurt to give the recipe an extra boost of authentic […]

Raw Zucchini Carrot Spice Cake

Raw Zucchini Carrot Spice Cake

Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake knows how to whip up some pretty unreal desserts. This Raw Zucchini Carrot Spice Cake is no exception. If you’ve got an abundance of zucchini on hand, either from your own garden or maybe even a nearby farmer’s market, try giving things a sweet spin with this amazing recipe. […]

Meal in a Jar Green Smoothie

Meal in a Jar Green Smoothie

This green smoothie by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen is packed with all the good stuff: fresh fruit, leafy greens, coconut water, popped (or sprouted) quinoa, and even an added medicinal boost of fresh turmeric and ginger root. If you like smoothies with added crunchiness for a fun variation of texture, and like […]