Raw Avocado, Mango & Lime Tart


There is something about the creaminess of the avocado, the sweetness of the mango and the tartness of the lime that just makes this dessert perfect! Great for a warm spring or summer day- its a little like a bite of sunshine.  

Activated Energy Mix

CG1_59341 (1)

Does your busy lifestyle leave you reaching for less than healthy options when you’re strapped for time? Before you rush out the door grab a container of this nutrient-packed activated energy mix – perfect for snacking. It’s delicious and will keep you feeling nourished and sustained with healthy fats and proteins from “activated” nuts and […]

Raw Strawberry Chocolate Dream Cake


When the subject of chocolate cake surfaces in conversation it’s not typically a sign that someone is on the topic of health and vital living, however this recipe stands to change that! Made with all raw and organic ingredients, this recipe is free of gluten and refined sugar, is completely vegan, is sweetened with whole […]

Raw Tuna Salad

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This raw vegan version of tuna salad can be served on a bed of greens, scooped up with crackers, or rolled inside a nori or collard wrap for a nutritious and tasty meal or quick savory snack. This recipe is rich in protein, zinc, and enzymes and has all of the delicious flavor you’d expect […]